Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2019

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [By Shallow South] Chapter 2019 – Sarah was already barely alive from being tortured. She lay on the ground like a corpse, and blood had pooled underneath her.

She only had one thought. She would rather d*e. “Please… I beg you. K**l me…”

Sarah begged in despair.

She regretted it at that moment. She should not have come back after she escaped from Australia back then.

She had been tortured for too long. She could not endure it anymore. She blacked out and fainted.

Eliza looked at the time. It should be daylight outside.

She could not delay any longer. Although she wanted to continue torturing Sarah slowly, she reckoned that with Rodney’s abilities, he would be arriving soon.

It was okay if she was caught. She was already prepared for the worst.

However, she had to take Sarah’s life.

Eliza took out a knife that she had prepared. The gleam of the blade reflected her fierce, reddened eyes that were behind the mask.

If possible, she did not want to go this far either. However, she could not tolerate Sarah going unpunished by the law. She had to resolve some grudges herself.

Eliza closed her eyes with the knife in her hands. She was about to strike.

Bang! The iron door outside was kicked open.

When Chester and Freya, who barged in, saw the scene in the basement, they felt chills all over.

Especially Freya. She could not believe that the woman wearing the scary mask was the shining celebrity in her heart, Eliza.

“Eliza, stop.” Freya rushed over.

Eliza’s hands were trembling. She did not expect that the people who arrived first would be Chester and Freya. Freya was her best friend. Moreover, she was wearing a mask but Freya still recognized her.

She did not wish for Freya to see her like this. She was born with a grim fate. Her parents were d**d, and her siblings who were alive were evil. Friends were everything to her. They were the only sunlight in her life too.

While Eliza was in a daze, Freya took the opportunity and snatched the knife from her hands. When she saw Sarah lying on the ground, she was stunned.

Was that still Sarah? Dirt stuck to Sarah from head to toe. She was utterly filthy. There were even disgusting maggots wiggling on her head.

That was not the most shocking scene. What surprised Freya the most was that Sarah’s limbs were smeared with blood…

When Freya was stunned, Eliza returned to her senses and snatched the knife back.

“Eliza, stop.” At that time, Chester rushed over and restrained her wrists. At the same time, he yanked the mask away and revealed Eliza’s pretty yet cold face.

Eliza’s gaze made Chester’s heart tremble. He had never seen a woman with a gaze so cold as if she was a demon from h**l.

“Eliza, it’s really you.” Freya’s last hope in her  heart was gone. However, she was not angry. Seeing Eliza in that state made Freya feel more sorry for her.