Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2016

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [By Shallow South] Chapter 2016 – After pausing for a moment, the subordinate muttered, “Actually, the other party shouldn’t have made a move at this time. There are security cameras everywhere in the hospital. It’s easy to leave traces behind.”

Chester took a long drag of his cigarette.

That was right. They should not have taken action at this time. It was too hasty.

Even Shaun did not make a move.

“Okay, I got it. You can go out. Keep an eye on the progress on Rodney’s side. Inform me immediately if any situation arises.”

After the subordinate left, Chester dialed a number. “Find out Eliza’s movements last night. I need the information in detail as soon as possible. No matter what method you use, give it to me within 20 minutes.”

During that period, Chester kept standing in front of the window. Many incidents flashed across his mind.

For example, when he went to the club two days ago, he saw Freya and Eliza drinking there. The bartender said Eliza had crushed a wine glass with her hands.

He recalled Eliza taking the lead and kissing him yesterday in order to meet Sarah.

After meeting Sarah, Eliza was eager to avoid Chester again.

Chester laughed coldly.

About ten minutes later, his men gave him a call. “ Young Master Jewell, Eliza had a meal with Director Lear until after 8:oo p.m. last night. After that, her car went into a nearby neighborhood. Her car is still in the neighborhood, but she’s not there. Her phone can’t be contacted as well. I checked the security footage of the neighborhood. Within five minutes after Eliza’s car entered, another car without a car plate exited. Afterward, that car went onto the federal highway and turned into a newly constructed road. There are no security cameras there, so the current situation is unknown.”

“Assign people to go there and search along the newly constructed road for suspicious cars at the houses or factories nearby.”

After giving his orders, Chester quickly took his white coat off.

Doctor Jenkins, who was in the same department as Chester, had just arrived for work. Chester threw his car keys to him. “Where did you park your car? Let’s swap cars for a day.”

After being stunned for a few seconds and looking at the keys to a Maybach in his hands, Dr. Jenkins immediately passed his Volvo car keys to Chester.

“Don’t  tell anybody else about  us swapping cars. ”

Chester left quickly. When he was about to arrive at the official residence, he called Freya’s number. “ Miss Lynch, I’m Chester. I have an important matter to tell you. Please come out. I’ll wait for you at the door.”

Freya was brushing her teeth. She was confused when she received Chester’s call. Was she close to Chester? “Can’t you just talk about it over the phone? Rodney can’t possibly be in your car, right?”

“If you want to save Eliza, quickly change your clothes and come out. Don’t tell anyone about this. Doing so will only harm Eliza.” Chester urged Freya coldly.

Freya was shocked. Although she was not clear about what was happening, she wiped her face in a hurry and ran out after simply putting on clothes.

At the garden, she bumped into Ryan, who had just returned from jogging. He was wearing a set of white sportswear. Looking at Freya’s frantic expression, he frowned. “It’s so early in the morning. Where are you going? Has Dani woken up yet?”

“Dani is still sleeping. Something urgent came up. If Aunty Loretta can’t handle her, please take care of Dani for me.”

Freya hurriedly ran toward the gates after speaking.

A Volvo was parked under a nearby oak tree. Chester opened the car door. Freya ran over and got in the car. “What happened to Eliza?”

“How well do you know your friend?” Chester turned his head and looked at Freya. His gaze was deep and sharp.

Freya was stunned. Actually, she did not know Eliza really well because Eliza was different from her. She liked to share all of her thoughts while Eliza would hide hers in her heart.