Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2013

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2013 – The housekeeper whispered anxiously: “Young Master Snow brought the people from Snowden to the villa. He brought too many people. The people from Snowden member are not here tonight. You have to go out quickly. The door is almost too difficult to block.”

Shaun’s expression changed.

Catherine on the bed also vaguely heard the housekeeper’s words, and lost her sleep, and quickly dragged her tired body to get up, “Why did he break into the villa.”

“Say so… I want you to hand over Sarah .” The butler looked at Shaun embarrassedly and said.

After Shaun’s surprise, a hostile atmosphere flashed across handsome face, and Catherine was surprised, “Sarah is gone?”

“Should be this way,” the butler replied vaguely.

“You accompany the child, I’ll go to the door.” After Shaun exhorted, he went back to the room and put on his coat and walked towards the door.

When he hurried there, the security at the door could not stop him. Snowden’s people drove in directly, and even the door was damaged.

An off-road vehicle drove in, and Rodney got out of the car. A beautiful peach blossom face was full of anger, “Shaun, hand in Sarah.”

Shaun’s face was cold, and the veins jumped on his forehead. “You are sick, Sarah has always been looked at by you as a baby, I have never seen it.”

“Shaun, don’t lie to me, Sarah disappeared in the hospital last night, except you have this Who else can do it.” Rodney was not in the mood to argue with him, “I know you have always resent Sarah. I blame her for hypnotizing you and divorcing you and Catherine, but she also have been punished, and you have recovered your memory, why can’t you let her go.”

“I said I didn’t kidnap her.” Shaun was also surprised. He planned to do it these two days, but Sarah unexpectedly moved ahead. Missing, this thing is really weird.

“Do you think I would believe you,” Rodney sneered, “Of course it’s normal if you don’t admit it. After all, it is illegal to admit that kidnapping is illegal. However, you have premeditated what you want to start with Sarah. She lived before. People from Snowden member are staring near the apartment. When you arrive at the hospital, your people from Snowden member are also staring at the hospital. This matter is not you or Catherine. You husband and wife must hand them over to me tonight, otherwise, Don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“How can you be impolite?” Catherine walked over from under the street lamp in a pajamas.

The evening breeze was cold, and her jet black silk was blowing slightly messy.

Shaun walked over immediately and put her cold hand in her palm to warm her up, “Didn’t I tell you not to come out.” How far.” Catherine stared at Rodney in disgust, “You have been dragging not to divorce Freya, but you quarreled with us for another woman. You really didn’t do anything for Freya and you. My child thought about it.”

“Catherine, don’t look at him, I’ll say one last time, hand over Sarah.” Rodney yelled impatiently, “Don’t force me.”

Shaun, “Are you really going to have a complete breakdown with me for the woman in Sarah?”

“Sarah is a poor woman, I said, I will send her out of the country in peace. I have to do it when I say it. This is what I owe her.” Rodney and Shaun looked at each other and did not back down.

“Then I will say it for the last time, Sarah is not here with me.” Shaun said.

“Well, since you refuse to say, then I can only find it myself.”

Rodney waved, and members of Snowden rushed into the villa.