Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2011

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2011 – Eliza stood up and snapped his fingers. Soon, Tristan walked down.

“Throw her into that bucket.”

Eliza raised his chin slightly.

Sarah didn’t react, so she was lifted up. Then, her body sank and she was thrown into a huge tank, but the suffocating smell inside made her almost crazy.

She stuck her head out of it desperately, her face and nostrils were filled with nauseating d***y water, which was so disgusting, there were even a lot of maggots wriggling inside.

“Does it smell good?” Eliza looked at her quietly, “Don’t you like to throw people’s ashes into the sewers? Then you can take a dazed look at how the water in the sewers tastes.”

After she finished speaking, she personally took Sarah. Sarah pressed her head down, then pulled her hair up again, and asked softly, “How do you feel?” “You…who are you?” Sarah was choked to d***h. Shaking, “You came to me for revenge for Jennifer? Then you are Freya, right?”

“I said, I am not the two people you think in your heart, have you ever thought that maybe it is… Where is your sister.” Eliza said with a smile.


Sarah’s brain was about to explode, she looked at Eliza in h****r, “Impossible, impossible, Charity is d**d.”

“Did you see her body with your own eyes, Sarah, don’t panic, I said Now, this is just an appetizer.”

Eliza smiled quietly.

From the day she became Eliza, she has never laughed so freely as today.

She admitted that she might be completely distorted in her heart.

But she didn’t care anymore. From the moment she sank to the bottom of the sea, after returning, she was already a devil.

At this moment, Sarah was really scared.

She has done too many bad things, but she has never been so scared as she is now.

Even though she has experienced the most terrible things in country M, she has never been as desperate as she is today.

Even, she would rather this person be Catherine or Freya, changing to these two women would not be as scary as the one in front of them.

At he hospital.

3 a.m.

The bodyguard at the door felt that the ward was exceptionally quiet night. Sarah’s b****d hands hurt and it was difficult to sleep at night, and there would always be some movement inside.

After all, it was the manpower arranged by Snowden, who was also very cautious. After a female bodyguard went in and took a look, she didn’t see the nurse. After looking around, she found that the nurse was lying on the hospital bed, and Sarah was nowhere to be seen. .

They quickly notified Rodney.

Rodney almost exploded when he heard it on the spot, “What are you doing to eat? Didn’t I say that Shaun might do something these few days to let you watch it. You didn’t know until now that such a big person is missing.