Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2005

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2005 – Even anticipated that she would retreat early, and tried harder to prevent her from retreating.

He didn’t let go of him until she breathed out from the k**s.

Chester stared at her slightly swollen red lips and red face, a little bit unfinished, and a little strange. Her kissing skills were really not proficient. Didn’t she say that she was raised by a man before, how could she still look so young?

“Is that enough?” Eliza asked calmly.

Chester only noticed her eyes. They were deserted and indifferent. They weren’t like someone who had just experienced a passionate k**s. There was an inexplicable hostility in his heart, “Eliza, I kissed you just now, you didn’t have any Do you feel it?”

Eliza opened hes mouth, originally wanting to say “I feel a little worried, I am afraid that your mouth is too d***y and sick”, but thinking about what she still has to use, she replied casually: “No feeling.”

” No feeling, I promise to make you feel.” Chester leaned forward and put his hand around Eliza shoulders.

“Eliza, the water you want…” The little assistant suddenly walked in and saw Chester, who was usually unattainable, pestering Eliza like a rascal. His hands trembled in surprise, and the water dropped. On the ground, “Yes… I’m sorry, my stomach hurts, I’m going out first, let the water go here.”

She quickly slipped away.

Eliza pushed away Chester’s hand expressionlessly, “Young Master jewell, don’t be too shameless to be a human being. The benefits you want have been given to you, but I haven’t even seen Sarah’s face, but you’ve gotten into it again and again. You don’t want to make a loss-making business, and I don’t want to.”

Chester asked curiously: “But you gave me all the kisses. If it makes me unsatisfied, you are not afraid that I will not take you to see Sarah.”

“It’s a pity. Yes, but you have to stop the loss in time.” Eliza replied, “Young Master jewell is also in the shopping mall. I should understand that sometimes if you don’t stop the loss, you will lose more.”

“You are right.” Chester lowered his lips and laughed. He looks good and he can be fascinating when he laughs.

Eliza remembered that when she was still Charity, and she was young and ignorant, she was also attracted by his smile, but now she doesn’t feel much, because she understands that it is not a man who loves to laugh but a gentle heart. Some people , The more you love to laugh, the colder you are.

“After you finish the infusion, I will take you to see Sarah.” Chester took out his cell phone, “contact me after a while.”

Eliza added the contact number into her phone, and after Chester got up, “I still Go to the ward round and contact later.”

After returning to the internal medicine department, Chester went to greet a few patients who had operated on his own hands, and returned to the office. He clicked on Eliza’s circle of friends, but There is not much content inside, it is all about the activities of the film and television circle or magazine photos.

He clicked on one of the photos at the event a few days ago. It should be in the open air. She was wearing a white crocheted hollow dress. She was of graceful figure, and her exposed arms and shoulder blades were as soft as porcelain.

It seems that even the long hair that has been tossed in the wind is also sultry.

He believed that he saw many beautiful women, but he also quietly admired it for a while, but after a moment, he remembered that it was winter now, and Eliza went out to attend the event like this. It should be quite cold, no wonder he had a fever yesterday.