Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2003

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2003 – Eliza has become a demon, she just wants revenge, no one can stop.

The next day, when Eliza went to the hospital, She took the driver and bodyguards.

Wearing sunglasses and a hat, Chester came in wearing a white coat and a stethoscope while she was quietly receiving fluids in the emergency room.

“Is it better?” Chester touched her forehead with a very natural hand.

Eliza subconsciously turned away. Chester froze in the air and was not angry. He just smiled, “The doctor will check the patient’s temperature. You don’t need to be so nervous.”

“Dr. Jewell, you seem to be an authoritative doctor in internal medicine. Eliza raised her head to remind, but she was wearing sunglasses, and the emotions in her eyes could be blocked.

“Then you have to say that, the hospital is mine, and I have the right to take care of the patients in the hospital.” Chester suddenly grabbed her hand and directly lowered her pulse.

Eliza lowered hes head, a little surprised, “Do you still get your pulse?”

“The medicine also knows a little bit, your body is too weak.” Chester smiled, “Isn’t sleep bad? Normal menstruation shouldn’t Too accurate, and I often stay up late.”


“I’ll prescribe medicine for seven days later, one pair a day, and adjust your body.” Chester frowned, “I am young now, and be older. The body may not be able to bear it . It takes ten and a half months to get better if you get sick at that time .” “That is to be supported. If I have been sick for so long, it will affect the company’s income.” Eliza said perfunctorily.

“I don’t lack your income.” Chester suddenly chuckled, “Eliza, why do women live so tired? I really didn’t look at your money.”

Eliza didn’t say a word, she was wearing it. Sunglasses blocked half of her face, and she couldn’t see any emotions, only a slightly pink lip.

Chester still remembered how she felt when he kissed yesterday. He couldn’t describe the feeling. He just felt like he was back when she kissed Charity for the first time, and even after returning home last night, he still remembered.

Reason and physical instinct have been struggling.

Reason told him that because of Charity, he shouldn’t have too much contact with her.

But the instinct of the body, every hair cell wants to get her.

He thought that he might have never gotten her before, that’s why he was a little sick.

“Eliza, I can give you whatever you want.” Chester stretched out her hand to pick off her sunglasses.

Eliza avoided, and suddenly asked: “When I saw Rodney yesterday, was Sarah also hospitalized here? Freya said that she hurt Sarah’s hand yesterday.”

“Yes.” In this matter, Chester’s voice was slightly cold, and it seemed to be disgusting.

“I heard Freya say the day before yesterday.” Eliza looked up, “Sarah, in front of her, confessed that she had k****d Jennifer, and threw her ashes into the stinking ditch.”

“Freya had a direct answer. Evidence?” Chester asked suddenly.