Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1996

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1996 – That was when Charity recalled that she was not d**d. Instead, she had re-entered Eliza’s body.

She almost lost her life again.

“Lizzie, last night… Mr. Jewell has been watching over you.” Skyler suddenly darted a careful glance at the other end of the bed.

Only when Eliza turned her face did she notice Chester’s presence.

Chester had been here the whole of last night, but he did not expect her to be gentle to him when she woke up. Nevertheless, he never thought she would give him such a frosty look.

“Is Young Master Jewell here because he’s worried that I’m still alive?” Eliza asked indifferently with an extremely hoarse voice.

Beside her, Skyler was so nervous that her heart skipped a beat. Luckily, Chester was not mad, but his gaze was dark.

“Why didn’t you tell me yesterday that you have a fear of water?” Chester asked while staring at Eliza’s ghastly face.

“Did you give me a chance to tell you? In fact, have you ever treated me as a human?” Eliza chuckled, but it seemed like a sneer. “Young Master Jewell, please leave. I’m exhausted, and honestly, I’m traumatized by your face.”

“Trauma can be overcome.” Chester straightened his body. “What do you want to eat? I’ll get someone to send the food over.”

Eliza ignored him and turned to look at her assistant. “Get me a bowl of porridge.”

The assistant felt uncomfortable, especially after she caught sight of Chester’s awful expression.

“Alright. I’ll go and get it now.” Skyler did not dare to linger around anymore and jumped at the opportunity to escape.

Eliza closed her eyes and could not be bothered with Chester.

Chester subconsciously wanted to take out his cigarette box. However, at the thought that he was in the hospital, he fought back his urge. Eliza’s behavior now really infuriated him.

Since she was ignoring him, so be it.

He bent over and lowered his head to k**s her lips.

Although her lips were chapped due to fever, it did not prevent him from kissing her.

Eliza never thought he would do this. The moment she came to the realization that he was kissing her, she resisted him by pushing him away.

Considering that she had been having a fever for one night, she had no strength to resist him. Chester clutched her hands and pressed them before trying to deepen the k**s.

Nevertheless, Eliza closed her lips tightly so that he could not do it.

Anyway, Chester was not in a rush. So, he slowly kissed her lips over and over again while controlling her hands.

No longer able to put up with him anymore, Eliza did not hide the hatred in her eyes anymore. “Chester, are you that desperate? You can’t even let a sick person off.”

“I’m actually not very interested in you looking like that. I had no choice but to do this because you refused to look at me or talk to me.” Chester bent over and touched her chin. A smile spread across his handsome face. He never thought that he would one day take liberties with a woman.

“Eliza, last night was my fault, but I didn’t know you have a fear of water.”

“I know.” Eliza answered impassively, “I haven’t recovered yet, and I’m exhausted. Can I rest now?”

“Sure you can.” Chester stood still.

Eliza grew impatient. “Can you leave?”

“My legs are mine. You have no right to make me leave.” Chester raised his eyebrows and stared into Eliza’s eyes.

“You’re right.”

Eliza nodded weakly but did not talk to him after that.