Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1995

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1995 – At last, Shedrick decided not to stay in the ward. He said to the assistant, “Please keep watch on her here. I’m going to take my leave first. Do inform me if she wakes up tomorrow.”

After reminding her, he turned around and looked at Chester. “Do you want to leave with me?”

“I’m on duty tonight,” Chester said nonchalantly.

Shedrick was puzzled. Why did Chester have to be on duty when the hospital was his?

Nevertheless, he was too lazy to ask Chester, so he left straight away.

After standing for a short while, Chester left the ward too. However, he went to the department of internal medicine in the inpatient unit instead of going home.

The doctor on duty, Dr. Judson, was astonished to see him. “Dr. Jewell, why are you here tonight?”

“Professor Webb just did his operation, and I’m quite worried.” Chester sat in front of his desk.

“Dr. Jewell, you’re such a responsible doctor,” Dr. Judson said with admiration.

However, Chester ignored him. He simply browsed through the medical record and played with his phone for a while.

At 1:00 a.m., he went to the emergency room.

Hailey had already left, and only the assistant was left, sleeping groggily by the bed.

Chester glanced at the IV infusion bottle and realized that the bottle was almost empty. Hence, he reached out to remove the tube and put in another new bottle.

Eliza suddenly jerked on the bed, but she was not awake. She was mumbling as if she had encountered something terrifying in her dream.

Chester bent over and approached her, only to hear her murmuring, “Save me. I don’t want to d*e.”

A miserable look washed over her face. She even broke out in a cold sweat.

The assistant beside her woke up with a start and was shocked to find Chester here.

Chester was not bothered about how the assistant was looking at him. He patted softly on Eliza’s face to wake her up.

However, she was still unconscious.

Even her face began to pale.

Chester’s expression changed slightly, and he quickly provided her with a nasal cannula. Only then did she start to look better.

After that, Chester remained seated on the chair beside the bed. Seeing his serious expression, the assistant trembled with fear.

Eliza had a dream.

In the dream, she fell into the sea while she was fleeing. Surrounded by the icy seawater, she nearly lost her breath.

She even seemed to spot her d**d body floating in the middle of the sea.

She died.

Ultimately, she died.

She knew that she could not possibly use Eliza’s body forever. She was Charity, who was just a soul at this point.

When one died, where would they go?

However, she was dissatisfied.

She was dissatisfied that she died just like that.

She had yet to avenge her parents’ d***h. Given that Sarah was still alive, what gave her the right to reunite with her parents in the afterlife?

No. She could not d*e.

She struggled to swim upward. It felt as if she had exerted all her energy to do that.

When she finally stuck her head out of the water, she saw a gleam of light.

Subsequently, an emotional voice sounded beside her ear. “This is wonderful. Lizzie, you’re awake. It frightened me to see you unconscious for so long.”

She finally came to her senses through her bleary eyes. She was a bit slow-witted at first, but after some time, it finally occurred to her that the person was her assistant, Skyler Jayne.