Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1994

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1994 – “What do you mean?” Chester asked sulkily as he wiped the water off his face.

“After arriving at Eliza’s apartment, Hailey noticed that she had a fever and was unconscious. Eliza’s clothes and hair were all wet.” Shedrick sighed. “She has been sent to the hospital. Great. Now all the activities during this week have to be canceled. It’s going to incur losses of over ten million dollars or so.”


Chester stayed quiet for a while before he replied, “I saw she was drunk, so I ducked her head in the basin water to wake her up.”

“…Man, I’m speechless.”

The f-word almost slipped out of Shedrick’s mouth. He was aware of how cruel Chester was, but it was rare for Chester to make things difficult for a pretty woman. At most, he would turn hostile to the women he was fed up with, but he would not sink so low as to be physical with them.

“You may not know, but Eliza fears water the most.” Shedrick continued, “Eliza might be a dedicated actress, but she’ll always get stunt doubles to act in scenes involving water. And to think that you actually ducked her head in the water. Gosh, she’s screwed this time.”

Chester’s face darkened. “Is it a big deal?”

“Sigh. Hailey said that she d*****d once back then, and it traumatized her. I’ll stop here now. I’m going to visit her in the hospital. After all, she’s the goose that lays the golden eggs for our company.” Shedrick hung up after he said that.

Chester recalled the scene of Eliza in the clubhouse shivering with fear after she lifted her head out of the water.

It turned out that she had aquaphobia.

That woman, who could stab a knife into her body, had aquaphobia.

No wonder she looked like that.

Chester lit a cigarette with a sulky expression.

After he was done with the cigarette, he put a towel around him and casually washed up. Then, he drove to the hospital.

In the hospital, late at night.

The news about Eliza being admitted to the hospital had caused an uproar among the hospital staff.

When Chester walked in with a mask, he heard a few nurses whispering among themselves.

“I heard Eliza has been admitted to this hospital. Is it true?”

“It’s true. One of our colleagues from the emergency department saw her. Apparently, she has a fever.”

“I’m very fond of Eliza. I really want to get her signature.”

“Forget it. The ward she’s staying in is restricted. The management has asked us to keep it a secret unless we don’t mind getting fired.”


Chester headed to the emergency department straight away.

Shedrick had just arrived at Eliza’s ward not long ago too. Hailey and Eliza’s assistant were there as well. When the three of them saw Chester’s arrival, a strange look flashed across their faces.

“How’s she?” Chester’s eyes settled on Eliza, who was lying on the bed.

She was still unconscious, with her eyes closed and elegant face ghastly. There were tubes on the back of her hand.

He found it amusing.

Was it such a big deal? When he ducked her head in, he was cautious. His sole intention was to teach her a lesson rather than d***n her.

What a big lesson it was. However, it suddenly hit Chester that Eliza looked more attractive when she stood in front of him and talked back to him.

In his eyes, Eliza was like a thorny rose. How could she be so weak?

Hailey said, “The doctor said that her temperature is at 39.5 degrees Celsius.”

“That’s not high,” Chester responded coldly. As a doctor, he had seen people whose temperatures were as high as 40 degrees Celsius.

Hailey choked. If Chester were not her boss, she would have told him off.

Shedrick patted Hailey on the shoulder. “Eliza has taken some antipyretic, but the doctor said that she might be unconscious because she got a fright.”

A hush fell over the ward again. Nobody else dared to say anything when Chester was quiet.

Hailey and the assistant stole a glance at Chester’s expression but could not figure out what was on his mind.

A while back, rumor had it that Chester wanted Eliza to himself. However, there had been no news about this matter lately, so the two of them did not care about it. Never did they expect that Chester would come over tonight.