Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1990

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1990 – Freya was startled. “What’s wrong… with you? Quick! Get some tissues.”

She was a little drunk just now, but at this moment, she was wide awake. She promptly asked the server to get some tissues.

“I’m fine. I’m just angry after hearing what you said.”

Eliza responded calmly and then removed the shards of glass from her palm one by one.

Freya gasped at the situation.

If she were in Eliza’s shoes, she would have wept bitterly from the pain. That was very brilliant of Eliza.

“Um… Let’s go to the hospital.” Freya did  not  dare  to stay at the bar. “You’re an actress. It’ll be troublesome if your palm is scarred.”

“ It’s just a minor injury.” After clearing the glass, Eliza used a piece of tissue to wrap around her palm nonchalantly. Then, she asked the server to get her a new beer glass. “Come. I’ll drink with you.”

Freya really admired her. After some time, she muttered, “There’s nothing much to talk about really. Anyhow, I’m quite useless. I planned to k**l Sarah, that b*tch today. But after slapping her a few times,  the bodyguard  that Rodney assigned came  in. Later, Rodney came too. I’m  no match for them. ”

“Don’t act on impulse, and  please don’t do anything illegal.” Eliza said, “Given your unusual identity, a lot of people are keeping watch on you. If the     public finds out about it, Prime Minister Snow might not blatantly defend you. They say all offenders are punishable by law, be they princes or commoners.”

“I know that I acted impulsively today, but I’m dissatisfied. Sarah has done so many bad things, yet she doesn’t receive the punishment she deserves. ” The more Freya dwelled on it, the more infuriated she became. She poured herself another glass of beer.

It did not take long before she managed to get herself drunk in the end.

Eliza drank a lot as well, but she did not dare to get herself drunk.

The pain was agonizing.

Her father may have died because Thomas angered

him, but of course, Sarah must have instructed Thomas secretly.

Meanwhile, her mother died because of Sarah, who even destroyed her ashes.

Her own d**d body was nowhere to be found as well. Hah.

What had she done in her life?

She did not deserve to be her parents’ child. She wished she could d*e of getting drunk.

However, she could not d*e like that. Since Sarah was still alive, she had to drag Sarah to h**l even if she was left with her last breath.

Otherwise, she had no right to d*e.

She tilted her head upward and downed the beer. Her stomach hurt so badly that she felt like crying.

At the entrance of the clubhouse. Chester tossed the car key to the valet.

The manager immediately walked up to him ingratiatingly. “Young Master Jewell, our clubhouse has just imported some great vintage wine. Do you want to take a look?”

“Okay.” Chester strode into the clubhouse.

However, as soon as he walked past the bar counter, he halted in his steps.

The manager followed his gaze and coughed lightly. “Do you know her?”

“You can carry on with your work first, ” Chester instructed the manager indifferently and headed to the bar counter.

When he moved closer, he noticed that besides Eliza, Freya was also there. However, Freya was so drunk that she was laying on the counter in a daze. As for Eliza, he was not sure whether she was drunk since she was wearing a pair of shades. All he saw was her pouring more beer into the glass in her right hand with her flushed cheeks.