Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1989

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1989 – After leaving the ward, Rodney deliberately went to meet the doctor. “Doctor, will it leave scars on her hands?”

“Of course, it will, ” the doctor said. “The scars will be quite obvious in the first two years. Having said that, there’s a kind of ointment available overseas that she can apply on her hands. As time passes, the scars will become less obvious, but it’ll take a few years. Be careful for the next few days, in case she gets a wound infection and develops a fever.”

Rodney nodded. “Please give her the best treatment possible.”

Once he came out, he tried calling Freya a few times. The calls got through, but she refused to pick them up.

He started to get infuriated.

Freya tossed her phone to one side.

After that, she poured a glass of beer and drank it alone by the bar counter.

Sarah’s words echoed in her mind, and it filled Freya with hatred. She hated Sarah, as well as Rodney.

That woman had done so many bad deeds, yet Rodney continued to defend her.

Upon recalling that she was still married to Rodney, she felt sorry for Charity and her old self.

When she tried to a****k Sarah today, she did not care about anything at all. She did not mind going to j**l or losing her reputation as long as she could k**l Sarah.

Unfortunately, that b*tch managed to escape.

“It’s still early, and you’ve already had so much to drink. What’s wrong?”

Eliza put her white purse beside the beer glass before planting herself on the barstool. She was wearing a sweater and a beret along with a pair of huge shades on her nose. If Freya had not taken a closer look at Eliza, she would not have recognized her. However, she looked good in all kinds of clothing; it was impossible to hide that star quality of hers.

“Eliza, what brings you here? I thought you had gone for a shoot.” Freya may have drunk a lot, but she was not drunk yet. Her mind was still clear. She remembered sending a message in the group chat when she arrived at the bar.

Catherine probably had yet to reply because she was busy with the kids. However, Freya did not expect Eliza to show up.

“There aren’t any movies suitable for me, so there are no shoots. I’ve only been shooting for advertisements recently, and I’m not that busy, ” Eliza interrupted her. “You’re already a mother.

Don’t drink so much.”

“Yeah, I’m now a mother.” Freya’s eyes reddened. “ But do you know this child came to this world only because I was tricked? Dani is wonderful and cute. I love her a lot, but who wouldn’t want their child to be born to two loving parents? Since I came to Canberra, my life has taken a turn for the worse. A lot of things have become out of control.”

Eliza kept quiet for a while before she said in a deep voice, “A lot of things are outside our control.”

“Yeah. At least… compared to some people, I’m probably considered lucky,” Freya said miserably. “ When I first came to Canberra, Catherine and I had a good friend named Charity. She had the worst life. She was accused and sent to j**l, and both her parents passed away after. I only got to know from

meeting Sarah today that she was the one who k****d Charity’s mom. Sarah actually hypnotized Aunty Jennifer and caused her to hit herself on the bathroom cabinet in a trance. In the end, Aunty Jennifer bled to d***h. What was worse, Sarah poured her ashes into the drain.

“Tell me. How can someone be so vicious and inhumane? I really wanted to k**l her today, but Rodney, that b*stard, kept defending her. I’m no match for him.”

The more Freya spoke, the more downhearted she felt. “I’m really useless. I can’t even take revenge for Charity.”

As soon as she finished the sentence, she heard a sudden ‘snap’ beside her.

Only then did she realize that Eliza had crushed the beer glass in her hand. Shards of glass pierced into Eliza’s palm, and blood began to ooze out.