Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1986

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1986 – Over the years, Freya had been wondering if Sarah had anything to do with those things Thomas did to her all those years ago.

She had always suspected Sarah’s involvement, but she did not have any evidence.

She even felt that Sarah had a hand in the incident that happened during the banquet of Osher’s new product launch, where Thomas secretly joined the event and drugged her.

Now that Sarah had personally confessed to it, Freya could finally confirm that her wonderful youth was destroyed by the Neeson siblings, Sarah and Thomas.

“Are you telling me these things to trigger me? I must tell you that you’ve succeeded.”

Freya immediately rose to her feet. Then, she took the boiling hot coffee from the table and splashed it onto Sarah’s face.

Sarah promptly covered her face with her hands. Although the coffee did not hit her face, she cried out due to the burning pain in her hands

Freya could not care less. She stood up, dragged Sarah out of the chair by her hair, and slapped her in the face.

Before she could give any more slaps, the bodyguard at the door dashed in as soon as he heard Sarah yelling.

Freya was on the brink of losing control. Exasperated, she took the carafe to splash the coffee onto Sarah’s face.

All she knew was that she had to destroy Sarah to take revenge on behalf of Charity’s family and herself.

Why did Charity and Jennifer end up in such a miserable state?

Freya was miserably hurt too.

Meanwhile, Sarah, this instigator, could still sit here and enjoy her life.

“Stop.” The bodyguard was so shocked that he kicked the carafe and clutched Freya’s wrist at the same time.

On the other hand, Sarah hurriedly hid behind the bodyguard. She screamed in shock and pain, “My hands… They hurt so badly.”

The bodyguard turned around, only to catch sight of Sarah’s swollen hands, which gave him a fright.

He was doomed. Rodney  had told him  to take care of Sarah, yet she was hurt. He would surely be punished.

At this point, he deeply regretted taking Sarah out. However, it was too late.

“Let go of my hand.” After struggling a few times, Freya still failed to break free from the bodyguard’s clutches. She reckoned that the bodyguard Rodney had assigned to protect Sarah was skillful and might not be her match.

She gritted her teeth and bellowed while suppressing her rage, “If you still have respect for me, please let go of my hand.”

“Young Madam, you’ve already beaten her up so badly. What else do you want to do?” The bodyguard frowned. If he had not stopped her just now, the coffee from the carafe would have splashed onto Sarah’s face and damaged her appearance.

“What else do I want to do?” A furious look washed over Freya’s pretty face. “I want to k**l her.”

“ I’m sorry, but you can’t hurt her.” As soon as the bodyguard finished his sentence, he let go of Freya’s hand. He had to send Sarah to the hospital at once.

However, the moment he let go of Freya, she grabbed hold of the vase beside her to hurl at Sarah.

Given that Sarah’s leg was hurt and that she could not move, she could only shriek in fear as she watched the vase fly toward her.