Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1966

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1966 – Rodney did not want to return to that cold home at all.

“Let go.”

Freya could smell Rodney’s scent, but she was utterly disgusted.

However, Rodney was hugging her very tightly.

“I’m not letting go. Freya, I’m so hungry. I’m starving. I don’t even want  to eat when you and Dani aren’t around. Let’s go home, okay?” Rodney pleaded.

“Go look for Sarah if you’re hungry. It’s not my f*cking business. I just want to get a divorce.” After resisting for a long time, Freya still could not escape his embrace.

In the end, Shaun got down the car and yanked Rodney’s arm away. Freya ran inside the official residence as if she was escaping.

She did not intend to keep being involved with Rodney. She did not even want to listen to his explanation.

“ Shaun, what are you doing?” Rodney flung a fist toward Shaun when he saw that Freya was gone in a second. “Do you know how long I waited here just to see her? This is a problem between us husband and wife. Why are you meddling in our affairs?”

Shaun grabbed Rodney’s fist. There was mockery in his deep -set eyes. “You spent the night at Sarah’s place last night, yet now you’re here to pester Freya. Rodney, be a man and know some shame. ”

Rodney’s pretty face twitched out of embarrassment for a moment. He did not think Shaun would know about that.

Before he could talk, Catherine, who heard everything from the side, raised her bag and flung it at Rodney’s face furiously.

“Stupid scumbag, what do you take Freya for? Is she a fool? How dare you appear before her? *sshole! Monster. To think that I actually had a good impression of you before. I must’ve been blind. Get lost and d*e.”

After hitting Rodney a few times with her bag, Catherine still had not worked off her anger. She gave Rodney a few more hard kicks.

“Okay. That’s enough.” Shaun was scared from seeing Catherine’s crazy strength. He quickly stopped her.

“Get lost. You’re so disgusting.” Catherine glared at Rodney viciously. “Freya’s right. You can go and look for Sarah if you want to eat. Don’t disgust Freya further.”

“Enough. I did sleep at Sarah’s place last night, but  I didn’t do anything.” Rodney’s face was wounded from getting hit. He had never felt so embarrassed, but he could not raise his hand against a woman.

Catherine sneered. “Ha. The fact that you didn’t do anything isn’t the point anymore. The point is that you’re already married, yet you still spent the night with Sarah alone. Only a fool will believe that nothing happened between you two.”

Rodney’s clenched fist trembled. “Catherine,

Shaun, please don’t tell Freya about this. I can swear “I didn’t  tell her.”  Shaun  interrupted  him.  “But even if I don’t say anything, Freya still won’t  want  to be with you anymore.”

After he spoke, he pulled Catherine along and got in the car.

On the way, Catherine kept scolding Rodney. “How can such a person exist? Rodney keeps refusing to get a divorce, yet he went to Sarah’s place and spent

the whole night  there. He even thinks he’s innocent. Isn’t that weird? Is he not clear of what he should and shouldn’t do after getting married?”

Shaun kept quiet.

To be honest, he could not understand why Rodney had become like this either.

“I’m telling you, you’re not allowed to be like that in the future. ” Catherine glared at Shaun. “ If you dare spend the night at another woman’s place, I’ll castrate you before breaking up with you.”

Shaun, who was caught up in her anger despite being innocent, was speechless. “ I won’t. I don’t even drink when I’m outside. I’m aware that I have a wife and children. I won’t even be friends with other women.”