Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1961

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1961 – Rodney was nervous. He was utterly flustered.

Sarah glanced at him and smiled. “You were so drunk last night. What could’ve happened?”

Rodney breathed out a huge sigh of relief.

“Don’t worry. I slept on the sofa last night.” Sarah rubbed her tired eyes and said, “But you vomited, so I took off your clothes and sent them for washing. You can ask Hans to send a set of clothes over.”

“Okay. ” Rodney was relieved. Seeing Sarah’s tired appearance, he felt very guilty. “Thank you for last night. I drank too much last night. Rory, that crazy guy, must’ve sent me to your place because he thought something was going on between us.”

“Don’t blame Rory. You were the one who said you didn’t want to go home. Rory didn’t know where to send you, so he brought you to my place.”

Sarah said guiltily, “He said you went to drink because you were frustrated over Freya wanting to get a divorce. Rodney, why don’t I go and explain things to Freya?”

“Never mind. I think she’ll be so angry that she might even hurt you. ” Rodney smiled bitterly. “ I don’t understand why she hates you so much.”

“Maybe it’s because of the things my brother did before.” Sarah was regretful. “After all, it was because of my brother’s actions that her life changed. If my brother hadn’t drugged her, she wouldn’t have… had your child back then. It’s a given that she despises my brother.”

Rodney’s expression could not help but change slightly.

That was true.

Why did Freya hold so much hatred for Sarah?

Was it because she never wanted to marry him or have his child?

What Thomas did had bound Rodney and Freya together tightly.

Before this, Rodney had hated it as well, but he did not regret it afterward.

He even felt thankful after having Dani.

However, Freya might not feel the same way. Maybe she did not like him at all.

Besides, she had never said that she loved him before.

“Rodney, are you okay?” Sarah asked worriedly.

“It’s… It’s nothing.”

Rodney tried to stop himself from thinking nonsense. “Where’s my phone?”


After Rodney took his phone, he gave Hans a call.

Hans rushed over with the clothes after having his breakfast. When he saw the harmonious scene of Rodney and Sarah having breakfast together, a hint of resignation flashed across his eyes.

When they left the condominium, Hans could not help but say, “Last night, you and Miss Neeson… Do you need me to buy medicine for her?”

“Medicine?” Rodney was stunned for a few seconds before he reacted. He glared at Hans angrily, “Do I look like a person who has no morality? I was drunk last night and Rory sent me here. I didn’t do a thing.”

Hans reminded him. “Young Master Snow, you may not be too happy with me saying some things out loud but if you want to continue  being  together with Young Madam Snow, you should keep your distance from Miss Neeson. You’re already married,

yet you spent the whole night in another woman’s home. If this goes out, no one will believe that you guys are innocent.”

Rodney was annoyed from hearing his words. “I didn’t wish for it to happen too. I already said that I was drunk last night. Besides, Freya won’t believe me even if I’m innocent. She doesn’t like me  at  all. She only wants to divorce me.”

“Young Master Snow, I think Miss Lynch must’ve really thought of spending her life with you before this.” Hans was in disagreement.

“You think? That’s just your thoughts.” Rodney let out a hmph. Just as he was about to say something, Old Master Snow called him all of a sudden.


After Rodney picked up the call, Old Master Snow said, “After you left yesterday, we came to an agreement with Freya. You should arrange a time to get the proof of divorce with Freya.”

Upon hearing that, Rodney was like a b**b that was detonated. “Why should I get a divorce just because you told me to? It’s not your marriage. It’s mine. I won’t get a divorce.”

His sentence made Old Master Snow’s blood pressure rise. Old Master Snow did not know what sin he committed in his past life to have such a grandson.