Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1959

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1959 – Rodney was momentarily stunned before he muttered, “What does Jennifer’s and Boris’s d***h have to do with Sarah? Jennifer died because she fell, whereas Boris died because his son made him mad. Charity’s d***h was caused by Wesley and Mason. You can’t just shift all the blame onto Sarah.”

“Oh, I see. Look, we don’t see eye to eye with each other, so there’s nothing we can  talk about. I’m very busy. Goodbye.”

Chester hung up the call.

Rodney looked at his phone in a daze. He could not believe what was happening.

When he had a row with Shaun the last time, Chester was not like this.

Now, surprisingly, Chester completely ignored him too.

His wife was going to divorce him, and his best buddy seemed to be distancing himself from him.

All of a sudden, Rodney was lonely and at his wits’ end.

He was usually closest to Shaun and Chester. At this moment, he had no idea who to contact.

No one understood him. Who could understand him?

He browsed through his contact numbers and somehow dialed Rory’s number. “Come over and drink with me.”

Rory immediately answered that he was coming.

Rodney’s eyes flashed with a bitter smile. Oh, look. He still had friends. Although Shaun and Chester refused to meet him, it was not a must to have them.

He drank the wine in large gulps. By the time Rory came over, he was already drunk.

“Buddy, why are you so drunk?” Rory asked as he sighed.

“They don’t understand me,” Rodney said glumly, “ Freya wants to divorce me because she found out that I’m hiding Sarah. I didn’t f*cking do anything to wrong her, but she said she hates me.”

“Is that necessary?” Rory frowned. In his eyes, women came and went and could be replaced at any time. “Buddy, you’re too concerned about her.”

“Exactly. I treat her so well.” Rodney was so drunk that Rory’s words made him feel like he had finally found a confidant. “I’ve been treating her so well. I’ve been the one doing the cooking and gifting her everything. I’ve never even treated Sarah so well. Plus, Sarah has sacrificed so much for me, so why can’t I compensate her to ease my guilt?”

“Sure you can. Since you’re the one earning the money, you can spend it however you like. Women have no right to have a hand in it,” Rory said lazily. “Freya is too discontented. If it weren’t for you, could she have become the prime minister’s goddaughter and set up a business so successfully? Conversely, Sarah has done so much for you, yet she gained nothing.”

“Precisely. She’s too greedy,” Rodney mumbled in agreement.

He did not know how long they had talked for or how much he had drunk, but in the end, he was so drunk that he lay on the table drowsily.

Rory helped him to get in his car. “Let me send you home.”

“No… I’m not going home… It’s pointless,” Rodney mumbled.

After some thought, Rory realized that Rodney’s

wife and child were not at home. Indeed, it was pointless to go home.

Coincidentally, Sarah had sent Rory a few WhatsApp messages to ask about Rodney’s

condition before this. Hence, Rory sent Rodney to her apartment straight away.

Rory brought Rodney, who was blind drunk, to the bed and winked at Sarah. “I’ll leave him in your care.”

“Young Master Wooten, why is he so drunk?” Sarah revealed a worried look. “ Is it because Freya found out about me and argued with him? I really didn’t mean to ruin their marriage.”