Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1957

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1957 – “I won’t approve the divorce unless I’m d**d.” Rodney kicked the table in front of him and glowered at Freya. Then, he turned around and rushed out.

The Snows fell silent. After some time, Wendy said arduously, “Now that Rodney has left, let’s talk  about your wedding some other day…”

“I don’t want to drag this further, ” Freya said indifferently. “Just decide whether you agree on our divorce now. If you do, please advise Rodney. I’m tired of such a life.”

Old Master Snow’s face was grim.

If they agreed to it, what would happen if Rodney, that b*stard, really does marry Sarah into the family?

If they did not agree with it, Freya might go mad and k**l Rodney one day, which would cause a lot of problems.

At this moment, Heidi said, “Dad, I’ve discussed this with Nathan. Our grandchildren will have their own lives. Now that the Snow family is stable, we can’t be so inconsiderate toward Freya. After all, she has sacrificed a lot for the Snow family. We all know that Sarah should not be taken lightly, but there is nothing you guys can do to her either.

What’s going to happen if we force Freya to deal with Sarah and drive her to depression?

“Furthermore, even if they get a divorce, Freya is still my goddaughter. I’ve discussed this with her. After the divorce, she can move into The Lodge.

Whenever you guys miss Dani, she can come over for a visit or stay anytime. To speak frankly, she’ll still be under the Snow family’s watch.”

Heidi went quiet for a moment and turned solemn. “ What’s more, I’m  asking this since Rodney  isn’t here. Will Sarah leave? I  think you guys won’t believe it either. If Rodney becomes so muddle- headed that he marries her, don’t you think it’s terrifying? She has k****d several people without leaving any evidence behind. To be safe, Dani should stay away from Rodney.”

Heidi was no doubt the prime minister’s wife, considering that she could speak so straightforwardly.

After a while, Old Master Snow let out a long sigh. “ Fine. I’m not going to stop you. Wendy, Jason, go

and talk Rodney into getting a divorce. Since he can’t get over Sarah, he should stop pestering Freya.”

“Alright. ” Wendy’s face fell. She could not bear to lose Freya, who was such a great daughter-in-law.

At the same time, it annoyed her that Sarah would marry into the family.

“Freya, although we agree on your divorce, you have to bring Dani here more often.” Wendy held Freya as she said, “Our relationship is doomed to be short. Rodney isn’t blessed enough to be with you. ”

“Don’t worry, Aunty Wendy. Whenever you miss Dani, you can take her to the Snow family. Given that you guys are her grandparents. I hope she’ll be close to you.”

Freya spoke eloquently. Despite the bitter row earlier, she did not wish to offend the Snow family.

As soon as Freya left the Snow family’s residence, she felt utterly relieved.

She leaned on the chair with a relaxed smile on her face.

As she gazed out of the window, her dark eyes seemed to light up.

Ryan observed her curiously. “Aren’t you sad? After all, you’ve spent quite a long time with Rodney. ” “I would be sad if Sarah hadn’t appeared. ” Freya shrugged. “But now, all I feel about this marriage is rage. I even feel like a fool.”