Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1956

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1956 – “Do you have to take it that far?”

Freya’s gaze made Rodney go insane. “You hate me just because I’m helping Sarah out. Please, I’m your husband,” Rodney roared.

He was unsure if he was shouting because of his disappointment in her or that he could not accept the situation. All it took was a few days for their relationship to fall apart.

“Stop it.” Freya’s eyes mocked him.  “When  I caught Sarah in the apartment the day before yesterday, that was the last chance I gave you, but you didn’t cherish it. Instead, you hugged Sarah and criticized me. From that moment onward, our relationship has come to an end.”

Rodney froze.

Did it mean that she had already decided to get a divorce that day?

He was so foolish to think that she was just angry for a while.

“ Is there a need to act like this?” he muttered. He seemed as though he could not resign himself to the truth, yet he was throwing piercing remarks.

“Shut up, ” Old Master Snow shouted  at Rodney as he flew into a fury. Was Rodney unaware  of how many silly things he had done?

After Old Master Snow finished speaking, he turned to look at Freya. “Freya, now that you’ve planned to divorce him, we won’t force you to stay with him. But let me remind you that I’ve allocated ten percent of the Snow Corporation’s shares for Dani after she was born. What’s more, she’s the only grandchild in the Snow family. We have to keep her i n the Snow family.”

Freya’s heart sank. Ultimately, the thing she feared most still happened.“ I have to take Dani away, but I can give you back the shares. Grandpa, I was pregnant with Dani for nine months before I gave birth to her. I can’t leave her to Rodney. If he marries Sarah in the future, the wicked woman will never treat Dani well. You guys can’t guard against her either. Perhaps Grandpa and Grandma can take care of Dani, but she can’t leave me as I’m her biological mother. Besides, she still needs b****t milk, considering that she’s so young.”

Rodney opened his mouth and wanted to say that Sarah was not that wicked. However, at the thought of his tense relationship with Freya, he held back.

He was no fool. He could tell that his grandfather was trying to use the child as a pretext of making Freya stay.

Old Master Snow said nonchalantly, “I will never allow Sarah to join the Snow family.”

Freya laughed and refuted decently, “You’ve warned Rodney not to be with Sarah, but is he listening to you?”

Old Master Snow was stung by her words, and his face turned grimmer. “Freya, you just have to talk back to me, huh? Can’t you trust me once more?”

“Grandpa, Sarah and her brother have tortured me very badly in the past few years. Her brother attempted to rape  me, hit me, humiliate  me. Later, I got pregnant and was forced to get engaged with Rodney in the end. Even then, Rodney continued to be with Sarah, which made me a laughing stock.

After that, I was forced to marry Rodney. I really don’t want Sarah to be in my life anymore. She has given me trauma, and I guess you guys feel the same. I’m no match for her.”

Freya said frankly, “I can’t force Rodney to stay as well. Now that the Snow family’s situation is stable, I’m tired. I can’t hold on anymore. You guys don’t

wish to see me fail to suppress my hatred and stab Rodney to d***h when I wake up one day, do you?”

Once she finished speaking, she began laughing like a lunatic, and her eyes reddened.

Rodney shuddered. “Freya, stop laughing like this. Why do you want to stab me? Don’t you have feelings for me? We had such a sweet life before this. Have you forgotten it?”

“Oh. That has become my biggest regret, ” Freya said indifferently.

“You… ” Rodney was so furious that his eyes turned red. He dashed toward Freya to grab her shoulders so that he could shake her to wake her up.

However, Ryan stopped him and reminded, “Can’t you see that she has already made up her mind?

Otherwise, my mom and I wouldn’t have come here. It’s useless to persuade her. You might as well talk about the divorce.”