Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1952

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1952 – “Go back and calm yourself down. The Lodge isn’t a place for you to kick up a fuss.” Although Heidi’s tone was gentle, her eyes were fierce.

After glancing around for a moment, he turned around and left in a huff.

Ryan walked down the stairs from the second floor with his hand on the handrail. “Mom, was what I said right? He’s hopeless.”

Heidi sighed in despair. “If he weren’t your cousin, I wouldn’t have explained to him so patiently. I really have no idea when he became like this.

Although he was naughty when he was young, he would listen to reason.”

“He has been behaving like this ever since he fell for Sarah. ” Ryan let out a sigh. “ I’m going to the back to see if Freya needs anything.”

“Mm.” Heidi nodded before she said pathetically, “ She’s quite pitiful. You should give her some advice.”

After nodding, Ryan headed to the courtyard behind.

There were over ten buildings in the prime minister’s residence.

The front courtyard was Nathan’s workplace, whereas the back courtyard was for his family to reside.

The residence was spacious, with three gardens and two lakes. Freya’s building happened to be close to the lake.

The moment Ryan arrived at the door, he heard Dani crying.

Freya soothed the child while carrying her in her arms. Beside her was Aunty Loretta, a sitter who was newly hired by The Lodge.

“Now that we’ve moved to a new place, Dani might not be used to waking up here, ” Freya said helplessly. “What’s more, she just met Aunty Loretta today. But she’ll be fine in a few days.”

Ryan looked at the child, whom he had seen twice in the Snow family’s residence, and noticed a huge change in her. She was now like a doughnut, extremely adorable.

However, at the thought that her parents were getting a divorce, he felt for her.

In truth, the child would be the one suffering.

As her father, Rodney’s behavior was too immature.

Back when Freya was pregnant, he wanted her to abort the child for the sake of Sarah. Now that the child was born, he was still thinking about Sarah.

Amid his thoughts, Ryan stretched out his hands. “ Come, let me hold her.”

“Do you know how to hold her?” Freya looked doubtful. Her dark eyes were filled with distrust.

Ryan found it funny. “What do you mean? I have a nephew who was very fond of me when he was younger. I always held him.”

Initially, Freya did not want to pass the bawling Dani to Ryan, but who knew Dani would take the initiative to approach him after he reached out to her.

Freya was speechless.

“Look. Even Dani wants me to hold her. Your daughter might be young, but she has good taste. She knows I’m handsome.”

Ryan smiled smugly and held Dani in his arms. After sitting down, he took out a yo-yo from his trousers’ pocket and played with it in front of Dani.

“Look, Dani. Do you like it?”

Dani widened her eyes and stopped crying after a while. She even started laughing.

Freya was dumbfounded.

Dani stopped crying, just like that?

It usually took a long time to soothe this little princess at home.