Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1942

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1942 – Ultimately, she did manage to do that. However, no one knew the hardships she went through behind the scenes.

Was it easy to achieve the status of the world’s youngest chemist? Absolutely not.

Rodney would never be able to understand what she went through.

That was because he would only deny it nonchalantly, as he did now. “Thomas was the one who did that. It had nothing to do with Sarah.

Besides, Thomas has already gotten his punishment. He has been castrated, and he has gone missing.”

“I believe it had something to do with Sarah,” Freya said coldly.

Rodney frowned. He thought she was being unreasonable. “Freya, you’re biased against Sarah. She’s actually a very pitiful woman.”

Freya thought to herself, ‘Rodney’s words really are challenging my limits over and over again.’

She used to be the closest person to him.

However, Rodney did not feel any pity for what she had gone through. Instead,  he considered Sarah to be pitiful.

Fine, then. Her life was such a failure.

“ I don’t want to discuss Sarah with you anymore. I’m sick of talking about that woman. Anyway, I’m definitely getting a divorce, ” Freya said indifferently. “If you’re unwilling, I’ll discuss it with your parents and grandfather tomorrow.”

“You’re crazy.”

Rodney stood up furiously. “You can’t go to them. ”

“Why not?” Freya stared at him. She mocked, “Are you afraid they’ll find out that Sarah has returned and that you’re keeping her? Are you scared that they’ll hurt Sarah?”

Rodney did not deny it. He merely said pleadingly, “ Freya, just wait for half a month. Let’s talk about this again after I send her away in half a month, okay?”

“I don’t want to, and I’m not willing to.”

After Freya rejected Rodney with a cold expression, she could clearly see a dark gleam flashing across Rodney’s eyes.

Her heart skipped a beat. She blurted, “You’re not thinking of confining me, are you?”

Rodney’s thin lips twitched, but he did not deny it. He did think of that just now. However, at the thought that Shaun would most probably look for his uncle, he dismissed that idea.

Feeling a surge of anger rushing up to her that she could not control, she picked up the glass of water on the table and splashed it on Rodney’s face. “Why don’t you just k**l me? But k*****g me alone isn’t enough, right? You’ll still have to k**l Shaun, Catherine, and Chester.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? I have never thought of hurting you. ” Rodney wiped the water off his face, upset.

Freya wanted to laugh. He was always hurting her. Always.

Too bad he could not notice it because he only cared about Sarah.

“Rodney, there’s no use in confining me because your mother will come over every day to visit Dani.” Freya took a deep breath. She said icily, “However, if you sign the divorce papers and we go through the procedures, I’m willing to keep this from your parents for half a month.”

“No.” Rodney rejected instinctively. “I’m never getting a divorce.”

Freya was infuriated. “Don’t you feel guilty toward Sarah? Don’t you think that she sacrificed a lot for you? In that case, you should marry her and give her happiness. Why are you still clinging on to me?”

“Freya, I do like you. Moreover, I can’t allow Dani to live in an incomplete family, so I can only feel sorry for Sarah. Besides, Sarah doesn’t want to come  in between  our marriage.  She’ll  feel  guilty. ”

Freya almost cursed.

Would Sarah feel guilty? To h**l with feeling guilty. Rodney was such an i***t.