Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1940

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1940 – Freya was thankful that she had completely given up on Rodney.

If not, she would d*e of a heart a****k on the spot due to anger.

Rodney thought Freya had figured things out since she suddenly fell silent.

His expression softened. He held Freya’s hand lightly and coaxed her. “Wifey, after I send Sarah away, let’s live together happily.”

Freya looked at Rodney’s hand.

It would be outlandish for her to feel touched. In fact, she felt disgusted.

It was because that hand of his had just hugged Sarah right in front of her that morning.

That was the final chance between Rodney and her.

However, Rodney was not concerned about it at all when he was with Sarah. In other words, he did not care about Freya’s feelings at that time.

Freya withdrew her hand without a word and walked toward the villa.

Dani was lying in the baby cot in the living room, smiling sweetly.

Freya watched her in silence for some time. Her tears almost fell.

Rodney walked up behind her and said, “Look at how carefree Dani is every day. Don’t be mad. Just do it for the child’s sake. Don’t you want  her to have a happy family?”

“So… The main reason you got together with me was for the child, right?” Freya said coldly.

Rodney’s handsome face went blank. “Of course not. Haven’t I answered this question before?”

“Yes, you did, ” Freya muttered. “I believed you then.”

“What do you mean by that? You don’t believe me now?” Rodney was frustrated. “I explained so much to you just now. Why didn’t you listen to any of it?”

Freya did not say a word. She simply went to the bathroom and washed her hands with soap.

She felt d***y, very d***y.

After washing her hands, she went out and immediately opened her document folder. She threw the divorce papers in front of Rodney. “I heard everything you said just now, and it only made me more determined. We should separate peacefully. Sign this. The child’s custody rights are mine, but you have the right to visit her as her father. Your parents can take her to the Snow family’s manor if they miss her. However, if you and Sarah get married in the future, I’ll never approve of my daughter acknowledging Sarah as her stepmother.”

Rodney looked at the divorce papers on the table in a daze.

He had fought with Freya and talked about divorce many times, but today was the first time the divorce papers were printed out.

His head was buzzing, and he tore the divorce papers straight away.

“You can tear them. I’ll print out a few more sets tomorrow,” Freya said calmly. “Are you crazy?” Rodney  shouted,  “How many times do you want me to explain myself? Will you only be satisfied if I chase Sarah out right now?”