Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1931

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1931 – Rodney was hugging another woman in front of his wife.

Hah. Chester knew that Rodney had a low EQ but he did not expect him to be so foolish.

Unfortunately, Rodney might still be unaware of what he had lost at this point.

Catherine held onto Freya until they walked out of the elevator.

It took merely a minute to go down.

However, Rodney was so stunned that he did not go after Freya.

Freya had no idea what she was even hoping for. Perhaps she was hoping that Rodney’s stupidity was not incurable.

She was hoping that Rodney was truthful at least when he told her that he loved her.

When she reached the lobby, a chilly wind blew past her. After a shudder, she became fully awake.

What on earth made her fall for Rodney back then? Did she fall for him because he treated Sarah well or because the woman he loved was blessed?

Hah. Nevertheless, she had forgotten that she was not Sarah.

Rodney could protect, tolerate, obey, and pamper the woman unconditionally only because she was Sarah.

No matter how evil and wicked she was, she would always be his sweetheart in the depths of his heart

What made Freya think that Rodney would treat her in the same way he treated Sarah once he fell for her?

She lost. Funnily enough, she lost to Sarah.

Catherine lost to Sarah, so did Charity. The same happened to Freya as well.

Why did the three of them lose to the same woman?

“Freya…” Catherine held her with unease. “It doesn’t matter. He’s just trash. Look at yourself. Given that you’re rich and beautiful, you can easily find a man in the future. In fact, I think you can try being with a handsome young man. A few days ago, I stumbled upon a piece of news about a pretty president having constantly changing out boyfriends and they’re all handsome young men. She does whatever she wants in life, which makes people admire her.”

At this point, Catherine did not bother saying that Rodney was just temporarily muddle -headed and would learn from his mistakes.

She found it inappropriate to offer her friend this sort of consolation.

There was no need to do so. If she were in Freya’s shoes, she might have k****d Rodney straight away.

He did not learn from his mistakes despite having been terribly deceived by Sarah in the past.

Indeed, he was incurable.

Upon hearing Catherine’s words, Shaun twitched his mouth. “Cathy, do you admire the rich lady who keeps getting different boyfriends?”

“Ahem.” Catherine rolled her eyes at him. Obviously, she was trying to comfort Freya, so he should know how to shut up. “Well, all women do. ”

Shaun sensed her threatening gaze and shut his mouth glumly.

“Young Master Hill, Young Master Jewell, do you think what Rodney just said is true?” Freya suddenly asked.

Chester’s eyebrows twitched. After staying quiet for a moment, Shaun said, “I suppose so. Recently, I’ve always been dreaming about my past. I feel that I’ll recover my memory soon.”

The rest went silent. In fact, they believed in Sarah’s words too.

Since Sarah had the audacity to suggest having Shaun’s people keep an eye on her, it clearly meant that she did not plan on escaping. She was fully prepared.

“What a scheming woman. ” Catherine frowned. “ She must’ve done something to Shaun’s brain earlier. I’m sure she was around when he fell down the stairs. I’m also very certain that she had an affair with Wesley.”