Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1837

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1837 – Wendy’s body trembled in fury. “Today is the baby’s one-month celebration. As parents, can you two be more sensible? Why did you have to upset your wife on this day?”

Rodney was stunned. He never thought that Freya would have such a big reaction. “I did not. She was the one who angered me.”

Aunt Millie snapped, “Who’s making who unhappy now? We were there playing p***r properly, yet you, a man, kept ordering Freya what to do. Your tone was filled with disdain toward her, and you even said she was stupid in front of so many people. Freya was being extra nice to you by tolerating it and not telling you off.”

“That’s right, Rodney. You didn’t care about Freya’s image when you spoke just now. Everyone just wanted to have fun playing p***r. If we lost, so be it. Besides, we women don’t know how to count the cards as you men do, and you kept nagging. If it were your sister-in- law, I would’ve asked her to get lost. Freya truly has a good temper.”

“Moreover, she just gave birth. It might be the post-pregnancy brain, so having slower reactions is normal. Besides, it’s okay even if she loses. You can just pay up willingly. Why did you do that?”

“I used to think it was Freya’s honor to be able to marry you but it seems like I overthought it. If you’re acting this way in front of everyone, it’s obvious that you’re not romantic at all in private either.”

Rodney’s brain was in a mess. His head was buzzing.

Why was everyone lecturing him? What were they trying to imply?

Did Freya not cry earlier because of her loss but rather it was because he kept nagging by her side?

“I… I didn’t mean she’s stupid, I…” He muttered to explain.

Wendy said with a headache, “Put yourself in another person’s shoes. If Freya keeps telling you what to do when you’re playing p***r and even says you’re stupid as if every move you make is wrong, do you think you’ll feel happy? Today, those players here were from the Snow family. Freya

would care more about her image. But I believe she’s not a reckless person. She wouldn’t leave just because of your words at the p***r table. You must’ve said something else afterward that hurt her, right?”

Rodney did not have the strength to retort. He even felt embarrassed to raise his head.

He had the urge to bang his head on the wall. He was indeed stupid.

He could not guess why Freya had cried.

When Freya kept shedding tears, she must have been crying out of frustration because of him.

However, he thought she was crying because she was upset about losing the p***r game.

“Forget it. I don’t want to scold you any more,” Wendy sighed. “Do whatever you want. If you can’t stand this marriage, just end it. Marriage involves the lives of two individuals. I can’t possibly tie the both of you together by force.”

To be honest, as a mother, Wendy never thought her son’s emotional intelligence would be so low. It must have been tough on Freya.

In the end, Rodney did not even know how he walked out of the Snow family villa.

He drove back to his villa. After asking the housekeeper, he found out Freya had packed some stuff and left with Dani. Even Mrs. Lynch left with her too. Upon leaving, Mrs. Lynch notified the housekeeper that they were returning to Melbourne for some time.

Freya had gone back to Melbourne…

Rodney sat in the living room in a daze. He did not feel anything in the past as he was used to it, but he suddenly felt that the place was cold and empty.

It was as if a part of his heart was empty too.

It was so b**e that he did not want to spend another minute in that place.