Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1781

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1781 – Catherine felt like her head was about to explode.

She secretly glared at Shaun. Shaun pretended like he did not see it and crossed his arms. “I’m not making personal attacks. If Cathy treats you as a brother, then you’re my brother-in-law.”

Matthew was taken aback. Thinking about the relationship between Shaun and Catherine, it seemed like that was really the case.

He did not know that Shaun and Catherine had broken up again recently.

“Who’s your brother-in-law?” Catherine was utterly defeated by Shaun’s shamelessness. “Don’t forget that I’ve already broken up with you.”

“You did that one -sidedly. ” A gloomy expression appeared on Shaun’s handsome face. “Cathy, your words are too much. In order to save your brother, I sacrificed myself to approach that woman Hannah just so Wesley would put his guard down. You don’t even know how badly I was humiliated by the Mead family. You’re just thinking of steering clear of me now. You forgot— ”

“Enough. Shut up.”

Catherine covered Shaun’s mouth.

She had a bad feeling that he would not say anything good if she let him continue speaking.

Shaun obediently shut his mouth. His pure, dark eyes blinked affectionately as he gazed at her.

Catherine suddenly felt that her hand on his face was getting hotter. She quickly pushed him away and glared at him with annoyance.

Shaun looked at her angry face. He showed a doting smile.

Matthew rolled his eyes. “That’s enough. You both came to visit me, so stop having a lovers’ quarrel in front of someone who’s still single.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. How are we having … a lovers ‘ quarrel.” Catherine could not accept this statement.

“Haha. ” Matthew grinned. Women often said one thing but meant another. Furthermore, from what he knew, Catherine and Shaun were very attached before. He could not even come between them no matter how much he tried. They were definitely just quarreling.

Although Matthew was young and had never dated before, he still knew about the things between a man and a woman.

Shaun’s lips curved. He did not allow Catherine to explain and changed the topic. “Where are your parents?”

Matthew’s gaze dimmed. “My dad sent my mom to receive treatment. She’s very sick. She fainted in the car not long after leaving the manor yesterday.”

Catherine went silent upon hearing that. She was not a saint. She could not so easily forgive Sheryl after what she had done.

Matthew raised his head and looked at her indifferent expression. He felt helpless. “I heard about what my mom did from my dad. Please believe me when I say that she wasn’t like that in the past. It’s all my fault. I brought Rebecca to Mom with that DNA test report and made her think that she had found her biological daughter.

“Actually, when Rebecca just returned to the family, Mom only felt guilty toward her. She didn’t approve of some of Rebecca’s actions as well.

However, Rebecca kept saying that she was abducted when she was young. Mom felt that it was her responsibility. If she had taken care of her

daughter properly, Rebecca wouldn’t have gotten kidnapped. She also thought she had failed to educate her well. You’re a mother too. You should understand this feeling, right?”

Catherine remained silent.

If Suzie had gotten kidnapped when she was young and turned evil after she was found, Catherine would not blame the child but herself.

Matthew saw her keeping silent and quickly said, “ I’m to blame as well. After coming to Melbourne, I didn’t investigate the matter thoroughly. That made my family believe in Rebecca’s identity without any doubts. Initially, after returning to Melbourne, my mom was about to recover her memories. That was when Rebecca drugged Mom and made her emotionally unstable. After that, she often fought with my dad at home as well. Perhaps things wouldn’t have turned out as bad if my dad and I had noticed the change earlier.

However, everyone thought Rebecca was her biological daughter.  Who knew that Rebecca would harm my “If it weren’t because my mom was under the d**g’s influence, she wouldn’t have become like that at all. When she escaped from the ward, she thought you were the one who caused the d***h of her biological daughter, so she went insane. She lost all rationality at that time.

She believed in everything other people said. She just didn’t expect her biological brother and sister-in-law to be that evil.” “Therefore, you’re saying that she’s innocent and was affected by the d**g, so I should forgive her?”