Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1768

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1768 – From today onward, the whole of Canberra would be at ease. Similarly, Nathan would be able to live without worries.

He could even hope to be re -elected four years later.

When he stepped down, he could let his son, Ryan, take over his position.

Nathan smiled. “Thankfully, we had Shaun this time. If he hadn’t found Matthew and suppressed Wesley in time, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with Wesley even if I managed to stop Gavin from rebelling. Moreover, considering Wesley’s overweening ambition, I honestly don’t feel like leaving him alive.”

Everyone turned their gazes to Shaun’s tall and sturdy figure.

Even Titus and Matthew could not help but admire Shaun.

Nathan patted Shaun on the shoulder and continued to praise him. “What’s more, it was Shaun who suggested this plan. He deliberately approached Hannah to make everyone think that he had been left with no choice but to butter her up. Another reason was that the Meads and Wesley had been taking delight in trampling on Shaun. They were under the impression that everything was within their grasp. When they became negligent, we managed to save Matthew. Shaun, I appreciate your hard work. It must’ve been tough for you.”

“Uncle Nathan, don’t say that. I just got rid of an albatross for myself too,” Shaun said with a frown, “If it hadn’t been for Wesley and Gavin, I wouldn’t have ended up in this state.”

Upon hearing what he said, Sheryl felt both embarrassed and upset.

She knew that the Hill family would not have ended up in this state if she had not incited things.

Her thin lips twitched with difficulty. “Shaun… Hill Corporation is yours. I’ll return it to you.”

“That’s wonderful, Shaun— ” Rodney was cheerful but before he could finish his sentence, Shaun lifted his hand to stop him.

Shaun’s calm face gave nothing away. “Hill Corporation has been renamed Jere Corporation, so it’s not mine.”

Sheryl’s face turned crimson with shame.

The name ‘Jere Corporation’ was simply an object of ridicule now. “I’m sorry. At that time, I didn’t

“The fact is that I lost.”

Shaun cut in, “As the former chairman of Hill Corporation, I failed to secure the company due to my incompetence. Although it was a hostile takeover, I’m still a failure. A competent person would’ve been able to solve the crisis even in the face of a hostile takeover. Secondly, Rebecca spent a huge amount of money to buy the shares from the shareholders back then. Even my biological aunt and uncle have taken your money and left. In that case, it doesn’t make sense to return the company to me. The company is yours, and I’m just a shareholder.”

From his frankness, Titus and Sheryl found him praiseworthy.

Sheryl was filled with complicated feelings. Her daughter had really good taste, but sadly…

“So… I’ll let Catherine… take charge of the company “She won’t want it.” Shaun disapproved of her decision. “I’m guessing that she won’t even want  to acknowledge you as her mother.”

Sheryl’s chest was in knots, which made her suffocate.

As she was about to speak, she suddenly saw a commissioned officer walking in while holding a boy’s hand. The boy was cool and seemed to be around three years old.

“Hey, Lucas. Were you terrified?” Grinning, Rodney walked up to Lucas. He stretched out his hand to pinch Lucas’ face.

Lucas immediately blocked his hand and walked straight to Shaun with an indifferent expression.