Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1739

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1739 – “If you destroy my hospital and injure our patients, I can call the police.”

Chester slowly raised his eyes. “President Lyons, I know you have the Mead family backing you, so it’s pointless to call the police, but you should know that this is a hospital with countless patients. Your behavior counts as a disruption of a healthcare facility. If people in this country can’t even be guaranteed treatment, what do you think the outside world will think of you and how they’ll look at you? This is a country with a developed network. I’m afraid nothing good will happen to you if you make a big fuss here.”

After a pause, he said with a vague smile, “After all… although the Mead family is ambitious, they haven’t become the ones in charge behind the scenes yet.”

Wesley shook a little before he laughed. “Since you already know so much, you should know that you need to choose to stand on the right side now. You should’ve also noticed the direction the wind is blowing. If you join the right side too late, it might

not do you any good.” Catherine froze.

Wesley made no effort to conceal the ambition in his words.

Has he already become this rampant?

“The Jewell family never takes sides,” Chester said indifferently.

“Really? I remember that you have quite a good relationship with Rodney.” Wesley smiled. “What’s more, you stopped me today. Do you think anyone will believe you? Chester, a wise man submit to circumstances. Look, even your good friend Shaun is trying to please Hannah Mead like a good dog.

He’s much smarter than you.”

Chester’s expression changed slightly. “Wesley, as a human, one should have morals.”

“Morals?” Wesley laughed maniacally. “As long as I’m powerful, what’s the point of morals?”

“In that case, we have conflicting opinions. Go. As long as I’m here today, don’t even think about touching these two people.” Chester’s icy face was firm.

“Fine, just you wait.” Wesley’s lips pulled into a sinister line as he led the people away.

“He’s too rampant.” Joel was simply furious. He was already in his 40s yet it was the first time he encountered such a person.

“Young Master Jewell, thank you, but…” Catherine’s expression showed her deep concern. “ From your tone earlier, is the Snow family in a bad situation now?”

“Most of the wealthy families in the capital have defected to Wesley’s side, and you’re also aware that he has Minister Mead behind him. ” Chester frowned. “When Minister Mead decided to work together with Wesley, it was destined that this would not simply be a competition in the business world anymore. Judging from Wesley’s words, he’s not even bothering to hide his intentions anymore. I’m afraid that Minister Mead will soon make a move against the Snow family.”

Joel’s heart trembled as he listened. “Gavin Mead is too cruel. He wouldn’t be where he is today if Prime Minister Snow hadn’t worked with him and helped him.”

“When a person’s position rises, they’ll become dissatisfied with the status quo. What’s more, with the collapse of the Hill family, Wesley’s strong and sudden rise, as well as Sheryl’s help, Minister Mead has the qualifications to make a comeback now,”

Chester said worriedly, “No one knows what will happen in the future. Once Prime Minister Snow really becomes a puppet, with Wesley’s despicable character, he’ll no longer be afraid of anyone. Uncle Joel, Ms. Jones, I advise you to leave Australia as soon as possible.”

Joel could not help but sigh unwillingly. “If we leave now, my company…”

“Do you think you can keep your company by staying here?” Chester shook his head. “It’s useless. I’ve already heard rumors that the various influential families will spare no effort to suppress Joule Corporation. However, where there’s life, there’s hope.”

Joel was at a loss for words, and Catherine said bitterly, “It’s not that I don’t want to go, but I can’t go. Wesley said that he won’t let my visa get approved so quickly. If he delays it by a month, maybe the person in charge of the country will have changed by then.”

Chester frowned. “That’s possible. The Mead family has won over many dignitaries in private, so it’ll be easy to delay your visa.”

Catherine fell into deeper despair when she heard those words. “Actually, I’m not worried about myself. I’m mainly worried about the two children.”