Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1722

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1722 – “Daddy, come and have breakfast, ” Suzie muttered as she was chewing a ravioli.

Lea quickly arranged for Shaun to do something. “

Since you’ve had nothing to do recently, please send Suzie and Lucas to preschool after breakfast. You have to be responsible for your own kids.”

Catherine did not say a word. All she did was keep her head down, eating porridge.

After glancing sideways at her, Shaun smiled. “ Alright. I’ll send them to preschool. But I have something to do later, so you don’t have to cook for me, Aunty Yasmine.”

Old Madam Hill asked, “What are you busy with? Isn’t Hill Corporation—”

Old Master Hill interrupted gravely, “Shaun, haven’t you given up yet?”

“Grandpa, Granny, please leave me alone. It’s my business. Considering that I’m already an adult, I have to think of ways to make money. I can’t possibly be living off the Hills forever.” Shaun

planted himself in the seat next to Lucas before picking up a spoon and starting having breakfast.

Everyone exchanged glances, not knowing what to say. After all, his thoughts were not illogical.

After breakfast, Catherine handed Shaun the kids’ school bags and reminded him, “Remember to remind the teacher to get Suzie to pee before she naps, lest she wet the bed.”


Shaun lowered his head to look at Catherine, who was a lot shorter than him. As she did not put on any makeup on her face in the morning, her skin was as clear as a shelled boiled egg. Even her eyelashes were bushy without any makeup. He could not help but recall the perfume that Hannah wore yesterday, which was so strong that his nose could barely endure it. Besides, Hannah’s skin was not as good as Catherine’s.

He breathed lightly. Afraid of resting his eyes on her any longer, he took over the bags and left straight away.

After Catherine returned to her bedroom, she suddenly realized that she was quite bored.

During the journey to preschool. The two kids sat in the rear seat.

Shaun shot a look at the two of them at the back. Ever since he found out that they were his kids, he had not spent much time with them. Before this, he even foolishly addressed them as brother and sister.

Now that Shaun remembered it, he was at his wits’ end.

“Have you forgotten what happened between you and Mommy? Are you planning to break up with Mommy?” Lucas asked out of the blue.

Shaun was stunned. He spotted Lucas’s cool, serious, adult-like face through the rear-view mirror. “This is the adults’ matter.”

“But we’re your children. We have the right to know.” Lucas threw a glance at Suzie. “Am I right?”

“Yeah.” Suzie was biting a doughnut, and her mouth was stained with sugar. “If you don’t want to be with Mommy, make it clear to her. Don’t waste her time.”

“Also, don’t you ever ask Mommy to be with you again. ” Lucas snorted. “You always break up and get together with Mommy. It’s annoying.”

Shaun looked composed. “Don’t you hope that Daddy and Mommy get back together?”

“Since you’ve forgotten Mommy, it means that you don’t like her anymore. You don’t have to take responsibility for her, and I’ll advise Mommy to move out of the Hill family’s  manor.  She  can’t afford to waste any more time on you,” Lucas said somberly.

Shaun’s temples pulsed, and he pressed them hard. “If she moves out of the manor, you guys won’t be able to see her every day. But if you guys leave with her, can you bear to part with Grandpa and Granny?”

“This is just a small issue. We can stay at each place for a few days, which is quite a good idea. Anyway, Grandpa’s house isn’t very far from Sherman Mountain.” Suzie ate the last doughnut nonchalantly.

Shaun coughed.

These two kids had an exceptionally positive mindset.