Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1672

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1672 – This was how Shaun had always forced a k**s on Catherine. Now, it was her turn to do the same.

In fact, this feeling was wonderful.


A city situated in the west of Australia.

At this moment, Eliza was standing under an oak tree in the quiet courtyard. A yellow leaf fell on her hair, and it smelled pleasant.

She put her phone beside her ear without realizing it.

“Ellie, I’ve settled the matter regarding the f*****l parlor. The police won’t be able to track us.”

“Thank you, Tristan,” Eliza said softly as she lifted her hand to pluck a leaf in front of her.

“Not at all. But why are you… choosing to deal with a d**d person?” Tristan Sinclair could not help but ask out of curiosity.

“Because… she k****d my best… friend.” Eliza’s dark eyes were completely indifferent.

She had only figured out certain things recently. It turned out that Rebecca impersonated Shelley back then. Shelley found out that Rebecca was impersonating her, which was why Rebecca k****d her in the fire and accused Charity of doing it.

After Charity went to j**l, her parents passed away one after the other.

As such, she had a deep-seated grudge against Rebecca.

She never expected Rebecca to d*e just like that. Rebecca got off so lightly.

Indeed… She got off way too lightly.

“I see,” Tristan said. “How’s your injury? When are you heading back to Canberra? You said you want to deal with your scummy dad. You don’t need to trick him using your body. I can deal with him straight away.”

“No need. Our relationship is a secret.” Eliza ended the call.

Her mother, Ruth Yardley, brought out a knitted shirt and put it on her. “You’re wearing such thin

clothes. Don’t catch a cold. “I’m fine.”

Looking at the loving face of the middle-aged woman in front of her, Eliza felt as though something was clenching her heart.

The woman was the mother of her body’s owner. Her mother, Jennifer, had died long ago.

She could take revenge against Rebecca, but the pain in her heart could never be erased.


Wesley was smoking in the car in front of the police station. Soon, his attorney and assistant got in the car with grave expressions.

“President Lyons, the people who smashed things up in the f*****l parlor have been arrested. They’re mostly hooligans from the streets. The leader is a recidivist who was just released from j**l last year. He told the police that Rebecca’s car crashed into his stall back then. She refused to apologize or compensate him, so he got a group of people to mess things up at her f*****l in a fit of fury.”

Wesley took a drag of his cigarette and scoffed. “Do you buy that?”

” I don’t, but he refuses to tell the truth. With his motive clearly stated and the incriminating evidence against him, the police had to charge him.”