Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1542

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1542 – “Yes, yes, yes, I was too short—sighted.” The arrogant Old Master Hill apologized incessantly.

Spencer also raised his glass. “Thank you, Catherine.”

Lea smiled and said, “Meeting you is Shaun’s fortune.”

Even Valerie put on a brave face and took the initiative to say, “ I… offended you a lot in the past. I’m sorry.”

Catherine was greatly surprised. Valerie and she had always been at odds, so she did not expect Valerie to take the initiative to apologize to her.

However, since Valerie expressed her goodwill, there was no need to hold onto past grudges anymore.

Catherine raised her glass. “What’s past is past.”

“Yes, we’re a family from now on.” Shaun grinned and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Catherine’s face b****d, and she could not help but

elbow his chest. What family? She was not divorced yet.

As if aware of her concerns, Old Master Hill said solemnly, “Shaun, you have to find a way to let her divorce Wesley as soon as possible. You can’t continue dragging it on like this.”

“I wanted to do something about it a while ago, but it was delayed because of Hill Corporation’s troubles,” Shaun explained.

“Do it as soon as possible.” Spencer suddenly said,“ Golden Corporation seems to have signed a big deal from abroad. Their stock price has soared, and their market value has almost exceeded a hundred billion. If the Jewell family hadn’t been suppressing them, they would have become the largest p************l group in the country.”

“Are you serious?” Valerie was shocked. “Wasn’t he suppressed by Hill Corporation all along? How did he make a comeback?”

“Wesley isn’t a simple man.” Spencer frowned. “He still has some tricks up his sleeve.”

“Thank you for the reminder, Uncle Spencer.” Shaun nodded. He was originally in a good mood, but the conversation had made him feel a little heavy.

After dinner, the two children were handed over to Lea, and Shaun held Catherine’s hand to the car.

“Where are we going? I still have to tell stories to the children. ” Catherine sat in the passenger seat and muttered.

“We’re going to watch a movie. We’ve been so busy lately that we’ve barely had time for ourselves.” Shaun helped her fasten her seatbelt.

Catherine fell silent.

Indeed, both of them have been too tense lately. Now that the investigation on Hill Corporation had stopped, they could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Of course, she did not expect Shaun’s method to be so tough that he even overthrew the Zeller family.

She could not help but look at the man driving beside her, feeling as if she had not known him well enough.

“I know I’m very handsome, but you don’t have to keep staring at me like that. ” Shaun squeezed her palm.

“I’m looking at how amazing you are. How did you get so much dirt on the Zeller?” She could not help but ask.

“Do you think the Hill family spent so many years creating Liona for them to freeload?” Shaun smirked. “ I didn’t want to expose those matters at first. After all, I’m a businessman. It’s enough if I do my part. The Zeller family and I have nothing to do with each other either, but they’ve crossed the line this time.”

“Then why didn’t you expose them earlier?” Catherine pouted. “You made me worried for so long.”

“It’s because Hill Corporation was plagued by negative news. It was your words that reversed the public’s view of Hill Corporation. At the same time, it made the people on the Internet suspect that Hill Corporation was deliberately suppressed and caused dissatisfaction toward the Zeller family. Only when I join forces with the Snow family to reveal all the dirt on the Zeller family will it be possible to suppress the Zeller family once and for all.”

Shaun held Catherine’s hand tightly. “At the end of the day, it was you who saved Hill Corporation, and it was you who saved me. Cathy, you’ve saved me time and time again. This time, the only thing I can do is devote my life to you.”

No, no, no. If they were not married, what if she got tired of him one day? It would be easy for her to kick him away.

After all, Eldest Young Master Hill was not very confident of himself because of a certain problem.

“Cathy, I…”

“It’s not often we go out to watch a movie, so can we not discuss this? Let’s talk about something happy instead.” Catherine interrupted him and changed the subject. She took out her phone. “ Which cinema are we going to?”

“Your choice.”

Catherine finally chose a cinema closer to the manor. The movie screening was at 7-3o p.m. However, when they went in, there were barely any people inside. The plot was quite melodramatic and poor too.

“Why did you pick this movie? No one is watching it.” Shaun had never watched such a bad movie. “ The Hollywood movie at 8 p.m. must be much better.”

“Watching a movie at 8 p.m. is too late. After two hours, it’ll be almost 11 p.m. by the time we get home, and Suzie and Lucas will definitely be asleep.