Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1511

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1511 – “Pfft. I’m jealous?”

Rodney flew into a fury. “What’s wrong with me being jealous? Can’t I get jealous because of my wife?”

Freya was dumbfounded.

This was contrary to her expectations. She thought Rodney would deny it stoutly, but…

Her face was burning with shame instead.

Rodney felt humiliated at first, but as soon as he saw her blush without saying a word, the sense of humiliation in him instantly disappeared. “ Anyhow, bear my words in mind. If this happens again, I’ll look for Patrick and tell him that you’re taking advantage of him.”

Freya felt a surge of emotions in her chest.“ Whatever. Go away. I’m going to call cathy.”

“I’m not going away. Who knows whether you’re going to take the opportunity to call Patrick when I turn around.” Rodney directly dragged a chair over and sat on it.

He recalled overhearing Freya speak to Patrick so gently on the phone just now.

Yet to him, she either yelled or criticized.

What a huge difference in the way she treated them.

“Suit yourself. ” Freya gave up on him. So, she just turned a blind eye to him and called Catherine. “ Patrick just called me and said that Linda went to Zenith Clubhouse. Shortly after, Rebecca and Cindy showed up together.”

“It really is her.”

Catherine was overwhelmed with distress. She hoped her assumption was wrong, but it turned out that she was right. “Cindy went too.”

“What’s so strange about it? Rebecca has been close to Cindy ever since they were in Melbourne.” Freya said with a snort, “Rebecca surely knows that Cindy is going to marry Chester, so she wants to fawn over her since she’s well-connected. But Cindy, tsk, she’s terrible.”

“We already have a grudge against these three people. If Sarah joins them…” Catherine’s head hurt.

“What are your plans? Why don’t we go to the clubhouse now and catch Rebecca to probe her? ” Freya suggested casually.


“Huh?” Freya was startled, thinking that she had heard it wrong. “I was joking. I thought you wouldn’t want to sound the alarm now.”

“I really didn’t want to. But when I got some people to tail Jeffery and Sally the last time, Logan and Austin ended up injured. What if something happens to the people who tail her again this time? I don’t want to sacrifice any Liona members. I might as well go and meet Rebecca now. In the meantime, I can also find out how powerful she is.”

Catherine added, “Quickly finish off your meal. We’ll head there together afterward.”

“Oh, okay.”

Freya promptly nodded.

“Explain this to Rodney. I didn’t want to drag you into this at first because you’re pregnant, but… I’m worried that if I don’t bring you along, I might not be able to leave the place in one piece, ” Catherine explained helplessly.

“I understand.”

Upon ending the call, Freya turned her eyes to Rodney awkwardly.

Rodney looked grim as he had probably gotten the message. “Are you planning to head to Zenith Clubhouse with your protruding stomach?”

“I’m the goddaughter of the future prime minister. With my status, nobody would dare to do anything to me, ” Freya explained with a frown. “I must go there tonight.”

“ I don’t get it. This is Catherine’s business. Why must you get yourself into this mess?” Rodney could not help but m**n.