Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1509

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1509 – 50 minutes later.

Linda’s car pulled into the parking lot of a skyscraper.

Patrick saw her park her car and enter a lobby with two tall security guards guarding the elevator doors.

After Linda showed them something, the security guards let her into the elevator and go upstairs.

Patrick was puzzled, and the driver explained to him, “There’s a luxurious club on the roof of this building, and this elevator is the only way up. It’s said that only people worth more than 5o billion dollars are qualified to bring people up. Most of the people who enter are either rich and expensive tycoons, or people at the top of the entertainment circle. It seems that your girlfriend’s status isn’t simple.”

Patrick was startled.

He had only recently come to the capital, so he really did not know much about these things.

However, when he thought about it carefully, the identity of Linda’s friend was surely quite extraordinary. Hence, it was not strange for Linda to enter this place.

He certainly did not have the qualifications to go in. Just as he thought about leaving, he suddenly saw a Rolls-Royce park at the entrance of the lobby. A woman in a long red dress got out of the car.

Patrick’s eyes widened. It really was Rebecca Jones.

He had seen Rebecca before when the Jones family held a wedding. Although it had been four years and Rebecca’s appearance seemed to have changed a lot, he still recognized her at a glance.

Linda went in just a moment ago, and coincidentally, Rebecca, who had been missing for many years, also appeared here.

It turned out that Linda really did know Rebecca.

It turned out that Freya did not lie.

Four years ago, he thought that Freya went to his company to hit Linda because she was jealous and unreasonable.

Back then, Linda had said that she was not familiar with Rebecca at all.

She lied.

Did she only lie about this, or did she lie about a lot of other things too?

Patrick was completely at a loss.

Then, the driver suddenly shouted, “That lady is definitely a celebrity.”

Patrick looked over again. This time, it was a sports car. The woman who got off the car wore an apricot- colored dress, as well as shades and a cap.

The way she deliberately hid her face definitely seemed like the behavior of a celebrity.

However, who was it?

The person’s figure also looked very familiar.

Patrick frowned and was suddenly struck by a realization.

It was Cindy Turner.

During university, Cindy studied at the university next to Freya. Cindy would hang out with Freya if she was free.

Later, when he started dating Freya in university, Cindy often accompanied them when they ate.

However, after Cindy became famous, she stopped associating herself with Freya and Catherine.

He remembered that when Freya and Cindy cut ties, he had not broken up with Freya yet. Apparently, she had stolen Catherine’s music and joined hands with Rebecca many times to kick Freya and Catherine when they were down.

Patrick never had a good impression of Cindy.

Linda, Rebecca, and Cindy were all from Melbourne. Now, they were in the same venue at the same time.

Patrick felt that it was too much of a coincidence.

It was so coincidental that he wondered if these three people had agreed to hold a get-together here.