Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1495

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1495 – “Do you think she saved you out of the goodness of her heart?” Titus sneered. “Have you forgotten how many people tried getting close to you since you were a child? You grew up in Neah Bay. How are you still so naive?”

“Dad, she didn’t know my identity at that time. I had just arrived in Canberra. Besides, how would she have found out my identity?”

Matthew did not agree with his father’s words. “Of course, I also suspected her before. After I came to Canberra, I met her several times after the first time. I think that… Catherine isn’t such a bad woman.”

“There are lots of women who are good at acting.” Titus frowned coldly. “She didn’t even spare her biological parents. After all that she’s done, you’re still speaking up for her. If your mom hears about this, just see what she’ll do to you.”

“That’s why I’m not telling her.” Matthew pouted. “Dad, actually… I just think that sometimes, what you hear may not be the truth.”

“What does that mean?” Titus narrowed his eyes. “ Are you suspecting that Rebecca and Jeffery are lying? Matthew, watch what you say. Rebecca did the DNA test. She’s your mother’s biological daughter.”

“I don’t know, Dad. Maybe… if you meet Catherine, you’ll find out that she’s not that bad, ” Titus said, “ Shaun doesn’t seem that unbearable either. He spoils his wife a lot.”

“Why should I meet her? Don’t forget, I came here t o solve the issues as soon as possible and take your mother back. ” Titus walked to the door and turned around to say to Matthew, “I’ve heard what you had to say. This conversation ends here.” Titus left, and Matthew let out a vexed sigh.

At noon the next day.

Rebecca walked into a high-end restaurant with a designer bag.

“Rebecca, it’s really you.”

Linda stood up, and her pupils shook when she saw Rebecca. She was also a person who bought and wore luxury items, so she could see at a glance that Rebecca’s bag was one that had just been released in Country F. It had not started selling in Australia yet, and the price was around a couple hundred thousand dollars.

Furthermore, it was clear at first glance that Rebecca’s dress was expensive too.

“Linda, it’s been a long time.” Rebecca sashayed over and hugged her. “ It seems you haven’t been doing well recently. Your face looks haggard.”

“It’s been tough.” Linda smiled bitterly. “You might not know this since you just came back but Freya got revenge on Jackson Corporation a few days ago. Freya has the Snow family behind her, and the Snow family has been suppressing the Shelby and Jackson families. The only thing Jackson Corporation has left is its name, and Patrick… he was put into j**l and can’t be rescued.”

Her eyes reddened as she spoke. She was truly in love with Patrick.

“He’s just a man, ” Rebecca smiled faintly. “Patrick can be considered an excellent man in Melbourne, but if you put him against the men abroad, he can’t compare to them. You can just get a better man. I’ll introduce you to one.”

Linda shook her head without having to think about it. “I grew up with Patrick and have liked him since

we were children. I didn’t start liking him recently. Rebecca, could you…”

After a pause, she said bitterly, “Never mind. He offended the Snow family. How could you help him?”

“Don’t say that. I do have a way, ” Rebecca played with her fingers and said casually.

Linda looked up at her. “Don’t lie to me.”

“Why would I lie to you? Since you helped me by telling me about Freya doing the DNA test, I’m willing to help you this time too.” Rebecca smiled. “ I hope… we can continue to work together in the future. Frankly, don’t you hate Freya?”

“Of course.” Linda nodded. Her eyes revealed hatred.

“Catherine’s friend is my enemy.” Rebecca smiled insincerely and picked up her cup. “Let’s toast to my return.”