Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1492

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1492 – “Memory?” Sally froze for a moment before nodding quickly. “Of course, of course.”

After lunch.

Jeffery and Sally called Rebecca to the study.

Sally lowered her voice and said agitatedly, “ Rebecca, what’s going on? Didn’t you say before that she can’t remember anything about the past? If she remembers, then we’re finished. Look at Titus. He’s not someone we can offend.”

“It’s all your fault. Why did you have to lie?” Jeffery almost went crazy from anger. “You even impersonated Catherine. Do you want to d*e?”

“Mom, Dad, if it weren’t for me, the two of you would still be in j**l, ” Rebecca said coldly. “Besides, have you ever considered this? If Catherine is one day acknowledged by Sheryl, it’ll be child’s play if she wants to deal with me. I’ll be tortured to d***h by her.”

“Old man, have you forgotten how Shaun sold our daughter to the backwoods?” Sally held back her tears and reminded him fiercely.

Jeffery was suddenly speechless. His anger had calmed down after being locked up for several years, but Rebecca’s bitter experience also made him furious.

“Mom, Dad, don’t worry. I’ll think of a way. Just watch out and don’t let anything slip, ” Rebecca said.

“Are we really going to bring her to the places she used to go in the past?” Jeffery asked blankly.

“Take her to a few unfamiliar places and stall her for two days.”

Rebecca reminded them, “Remember. Drill it into your heads that Catherine Jones is your biological daughter.”

Jeffery and Sally nodded.

After returning to her room, Rebecca called Wesley. “Is there any way to stop Sheryl from recovering her memory? We’ re in the same boat now. If I’ m exposed, I’ll rat you out too. Don’t forget, you’re in a bad situation now as well.”

Wesley pinched his temples. “There’s a person who might come in handy, but I want to ask you. When are they going to make their move against Shaun and Catherine? Shaun is at the peak of his power now. He’s pressing down on me so hard I can barely breathe.”

“We’ll go to Canberra in a few days. ” Rebecca hung up the phone.

Wesley quickly drove to Sarah. “You’re a psychologist. Is there a way to make a person who lost their memory because of an accident never recover their memory?”

“Never?” Sarah raised her brows and gave him a strange look.

“After this matter is settled, I won’t treat you poorly,” Wesley said in a low voice.

“Forgive me for saying this, President Lyons, but can you really make a comeback?” Sarah was skeptical. She had seen for herself how Shaun suddenly rose back to power again.

“Do you think I’ll be brought down so easily? Before Mason fell, I already got a portion of his connections abroad. Shaun and the Jewell family have joined hands to suppress me these days, but the people who will deal with Shaun and Catherine have appeared.” Wesley let out a low chuckle. “That person is the one I need your help in preventing her from recovering her memory.”

Sarah raised her eyebrows. “I know of a medicine for treating mental illness. After taking it, it’ll temporarily cause the person to be unable to recover their memory. But there’ll be some side effects.”

“What side effects?”

“It’ll cause hallucinations sometimes.” Sarah smiled. “Do you want it?”