Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1490

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1490 – “Don’t mention Charity,” Catherine said angrily, “ Didn’t Chester just want to toy Charity when he dated her back then? After he had her, he just left.”

“It didn’t seem like that, ” Shaun muttered, “When he was dating Charity, he was quite patient. He’s a person who’s extremely impatient toward women. Charity was the only person he was willing to wait for. Afterward, they suddenly broke up. Besides, Chester kept thinking that Charity was bullying Sarah at that time. They both might’ve had some other problems.”

“When did Charity bully Sarah? It was Sarah who pretended to be weak and made people think that others were bullying her, ” Catherine said frustratedly.

“We didn’t know that at that time.” Shaun held her hands hurriedly. “Let’s not mention the past anymore. Cathy, I haven’t eaten yet. I’m hungry.”

“Can’t you go to the kitchen to look for food if you’re hungry? I’m not your cook.” Catherine flung his hand away. “Hmph, speaking of Sarah, I haven’t seen her for quite some time. Don’t think I’ll just let this slide. I’ll slowly teach her a lesson.”

She ignored Shaun and left after speaking.

Suzie and Lucas walked over, simply watching the fun. “Scummy Daddy, did you offend Mommy again?”

Shaun let out a long sigh.


An airplane from abroad landed at Melbourne Airport.

After waiting for more than ten minutes outside, Matthew saw Titus circling Sheryl as they walked out together. Both of them had already been married for tens of years, yet they were still like a couple—especially his father, who longed to be with his mom for every single moment.

Rebecca followed behind. She was like a princess with a few bodyguards following behind her while carrying the luggage.

“Dad, Mom, Sis.” Matthew went forward.

“Matt.” Rebecca smiled sweetly. “Why did you come back to Australia first? You didn’t wait for us. I f it weren’t because I wanted to accompany Mom more, I would’ve come back with you too.”

“I came back in advance to get Uncle Jeffery and Aunt Sally out of j**l.” Matthew smiled as he looked at Sheryl. “Mom, let me bring you to meet Uncle Jeffery and Aunt Sally. They initially wanted to pick you up, but I let them wait in the villa.”

“Okay.” Sheryl nodded. She felt slightly emotional.

After having lost her memories for more than ten years, she was finally in her homeland.

Along the way, Matthew drove the car toward the city center. Sheryl looked out of the window while Rebecca introduced the names of some places in Melbourne to her.

Sheryl looked for a while and suddenly said, “I think that this place is quite familiar.”

Titus hugged his beloved wife and asked, “Do you remember something?”

“I think I vaguely remember some things, especially the school we passed by just now. Did I study there before?” Sheryl suddenly asked.

Rebecca’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing that.“ I don’t know about that, Mom. You left too early. Granny didn’t talk to me about it before.”

“Oh.” Sheryl was slightly regretful. “I want to walk around Melbourne more during these few days. Like the place I studied in before and the house I lived in. Maybe it’ll be helpful in recovering my memories. ”

“Are the memories of the past that important? Didn’t we already manage to find Rebecca?” Titus said all of a sudden as he felt uncomfortable.

Sheryl glared at him angrily. “What are you saying? How can those memories not be important? I’ve lost more than 2o years of my memories. Half of my life is blank. Who can take it?”

Matthew smiled and said, “Mom, Dad is afraid you’ll remember your past relationship. He’s jealous.”

“You brat, no one will think you’re a mute even if you don’t say anything. ” Titus looked as though someone had stepped on his toe. He glared at his son fiercely.

“We’ve been together for so long. Do you think I’ll still care about that relationship in the past? Do you still not understand me?” Sheryl held her husband’s arm speechlessly and said, “I remember vividly how well you’ve been treating me in these tens of years.”