Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1487

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1487 – “Did you miss me?” Shaun held her slender waist. His eyes and brows looked gentle. “There’s been quite a lot of matters going on recently. I can’t get off work at set times like other employees.”

“I don’t really miss you because I see you every day anyway… Ow… ” As Catherine was talking, she got pinched hard on the waist.

She glared at Shaun in anger. “What are you doing?”

“You dared to say you didn’t miss me, ” Shaun said with a tone of punishment.

“I see you every night. Why do I have to miss you?” Catherine pouted. She had basically moved into the Hill family’s manor. That place was huge anyway. She and the children had a house to themselves, so she did not need to be afraid of feeling awkward whenever she faced the Hill family’s elderly for not being divorced yet.

“But even if I get to see you every day, I still miss you.” As Shaun spoke, he raised her chin lightly and was about to k**s her.

Catherine avoided him quickly. “Don’t mess around. I came to find you for a problem.”


“I went to the hospital to visit Eliza today. Something happened to her.”

Shaun paused for a moment. He only could recall who Eliza was after a long while. “When did you guys become so close?”

“Actually, we didn’t really contact each other after the meal last time but Freya insisted on dragging me along today. We chatted for a while. I admire her quite a lot.”

Catherine said honestly, “You know that I don’t have many friends even after coming to Canberra for so long. There used to be Charity…”

When Shaun heard her mentioning Charity, his body tensed.

Catherine glanced at him, but she had never lingered on that topic. “Eliza is quite a nice girl. Although she’s involved in the complicated entertainment industry, she’s independent. I think

… It feels as though we’ve known each other for a long time.”

“It’s good to be able to make another friend, ”

Shaun said in agreement.

“But…” Catherine paused. “Chester is a bit strange. When I went there, I found out he’s Eliza’s doctor in charge. Isn’t he in charge of the severe cases in the oncology department? Eliza got stabbed with a knife. No matter what, it shouldn’t be Chester

who’s supposed to be in charge of her, right?”

Shaun raised his eyebrows. “You suspect that he’s interested in Eliza?”

“It’s very obvious that he is.”

Catherine said angrily, “I already asked him about it and he didn’t deny it. He even talked in a tone that implied that we shouldn’t meddle in his business.

Does he think that I want to meddle in his business? He can do anything he wants with other women, but Eliza is a proper girl. He’s already going to marry Cindy, yet he’s still getting involved with Eliza at this time. Doesn’t he feel shameful? Does he have integrity? Are women just playthings for him?”

Shaun patted the back of her head in a hurry. He said gently, “Is there a misunderstanding?

According to what I know about Chester, he isn’t someone who takes relationships seriously. Even if he looks for women, he would never force others. Both parties will always be consenting. You know that with his identity, many women throw themselves at him, especially women in the entertainment industry.”

“What do you mean?”

Catherine flung Shaun’s hand away. “You’re saying that Eliza seduced him, right?”

Shaun frowned. “Cathy, don’t be so agitated. Maybe… After all, you’ve only known Eliza for a short time.”

“No, when Eliza was talking to us, she was very truthful and straightforward. She never thought of hiding anything.” Catherine got down from his legs furiously. “It’s you men who have wandering eyes despite already having someone. In the end, you guys still accuse the woman of being indecent.”

“Cathy, I…”