Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1480

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1480 – Not long after, the netizens dug up Jacob’s past. He was Eliza’s biological father, but he liked g******g and drinking ever since Eliza was young. Someone came forward and said that he was Jacob’s neighbor for more than 20 years previously. Not only did Jacob not have a job back then, but he often hit Eliza and her mother too.

Afterward, Eliza’s mother could not take it anymore and divorced Jacob. She brought Eliza with her and moved away.

Jacob remarried another woman and had a child with her. However, the whole family was gluttonous and lazy. Before Eliza became famous, Jacob, his newly married wife, and his child led a poor, destitute life. After Eliza became famous, Jacob suddenly bought a few houses. His son even drove a Porsche that was worth more than a million dollars and started a company. However, according to the company’s employees, they said Jacob’s son was not capable at all. The company had been

losing money all along. The whole family was exploiting Eliza’s money.

The netizens started scolding them furiously.

[Eliza is so unlucky to have such a father. She’s too miserable.]

[Hah, I heard the wife Jacob married afterward only plays p***r all day long. All three of them in the family have been spending Eliza’s money. When they ran out of money, they would ask for more from Eliza.]

[I guess Eliza couldn’t tolerate it anymore. She didn’t want to give Jacob any more money and they both started arguing. Therefore, Jacob took a knife and stabbed Eliza. Jacob has a criminal record. I heard he used a knife and stabbed his ex-wife before too. He’s too evil.]

[Jacob’s son is a useless good-for-nothing. He only knows how to drive his sports car and flirt with women every single day. His house and car were all paid for by Eliza. Eliza wasn’t willing, so Jacob said he was going to reveal to the media that Eliza didn’t want to care for him and abused him. She had no choice.]

[I feel bad for Eliza. I wonder how her condition is now?]

[Jacob must be severely punished. This kind of person isn’t worthy of being a father at all.]

In the hospital’s hallway, Chester silently lit a cigarette while still in his white coat.

Eliza’s manager, Hailey Zimmer, rushed over. When she saw Chester, she was startled. “Young… Young Master Jewell… You…”

Actually, she had a lot of things to say. For example, why was Chester at Eliza’s home? Why was it Chester who sent Eliza to the hospital?

Luckily, only her, Shedrick, and the police knew about it. It would be troublesome if someone had taken a picture.

“What’s going on between Eliza and Jacob?” Chester asked with an indifferent expression.

Hailey sighed. “It’s almost the same as what’s being said on the internet. Jacob has never provided for Eliza. When Eliza was four years old, her parents got a divorce. After that, she lived with her mother. Her mother had a hard life while raising her. She went to work during the day and even had to work part-time jobs at night. Finally, Eliza managed to gain some popularity.

“That was when Eliza’s dad began looking for her. He wanted her to give him allowance money every month. In the past, Eliza was an honest child. She was afraid Jacob would defame her. All the money she earned was taken away by Jacob. The rest was given to her biological mother. Actually, she never had much money. It’s just that she’s toughened up that she now has some savings after steadily gaining popularity in these two years.”

“ I understand. ” Chester nodded. “You can go in.” Hailey immediately entered the ward.

Chester stood in front of the window. He could not help but think, ‘Was that why she chose to take the risk? She’d rather take a knife and stab herself.’

Seriously, it was the first time he saw a woman who would treat herself so harshly.

Eliza, Eliza…

What kind of person was she?

She made him lie to the police and said it was Jacob who stabbed her.