Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1472

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1472 – Eliza’s head immediately tilted toward him and happened to fall on his shoulder.

Chester glanced at the chauffeur who smiled bashfully. After all, the chauffeur understood him the most, considering that he had worked for him for many years.

From the way Chester looked at the woman, the chauffeur was certain that he had feelings for her.

In fact, Chester had no intention of doing anything to her.

Ever since Eliza said that she did not want to share the same man as Charity, he had given up the idea of sleeping with her.

Other women could do that except for her because she was Charity’s friend.

At this point, however, this woman was leaning on his shoulder. The scent that emanated from her hair was exactly the same as Charity’s scent.

Strange enough, he had always remembered Charity’s scent.

Chester tightened his grasp on his phone. Every time this woman sprang to mind, he felt as if someone was crushing his heart.

The sensation has been getting stronger recently.

After the one -hour journey, Eliza woke up when the car stopped.

She opened her eyes in a daze, only to find herself resting on the man’s shoulder.

She lifted her head and met Chester’s dark gaze that carried a discreet smile. “Was my shoulder useful?”

Eliza frowned in annoyance. She had planned to keep a distance from him, yet she ended up sleeping on his shoulder.

“Sorry. I was too deeply asleep.”

“Because of you, my shoulder is aching.” Chester cocked his brows. “Don’t you feel the need to make it up to me?”

“I’ll make more money for the company.” As soon a s Eliza finished her sentence, she gazed out the window only to realize that she had arrived at her neighborhood.

Nevertheless, how did he know where she lived?

She suddenly recalled that her company had her address. What an omnipotent man he was.

“Money?” Chester smirked. “Sorry, money is something I need the least.”

“That’s your problem.” Eliza opened the door to get out of the car.

A hand suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled it. Eliza, who was caught off guard, fell onto his chest.

“Chester Jewell, let go of me.” Eliza subconsciously struggled. She then heard the man gasp.

“Eliza, where are your hands pressing? ” Chester asked throatily.

Eliza looked down and saw that her hands were not pressing against the part where she was not supposed to press. Even so… he had a strong reaction even though her hands were just pressing against his t****s.

Slightly dazed, she asked, “Chester Jewell, how desperate are you? Even Cindy can’t satisfy your desires, huh?”

“Eliza, tell me how many times you’ve seduced me today? I’ve always been enduring it.” An evil, wry smile spread across Chester’s handsome face.

Eliza opened her mouth. Just as she was about to speak, Chester interrupted her, “Don’t explain. I went to your room to get even with you, yet you were taking a bath. What was worse, you came out of the bathroom without putting on your clothes.

Also, you rested your head on my shoulder in the car. For your information, I’m particularly powerful in this aspect.”

He approached her and uttered the last few words by her ear flirtatiously.

Instead of finding it flirtatious, Eliza felt so disgusted that she knitted her brows together.

At the sight of her expression, Chester lost his temper. “Eliza, are you a f*cking rock?”

Even a man like him had shown a reaction.