Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1467

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1467 – Shedrick said, “Sure enough, good actors will only be able to perform well if they have experienced the situation themselves. By the way, since you’re not saying anything, I’ll… ask Cindy to come back. I’ll tell her that it’s your decision, okay?”

“You’re good at shifting the responsibility to me, huh?” Chester expressed a sense of sarcasm.

“Ahem. Do I have any other choice? Everyone knows that she’s your woman. How can I manage her?” Shedrick said embarrassedly, “Why don’t you tell her in person?”

“No need. I don’t want to say such harsh things to her.”

Chester hung up the call.

On the set.

After Eliza finished her lunch, she leaned idly on the chair to rest.

Leanne quickly advised her, “Don’t rest anymore.

The shoot that’s scheduled this afternoon is about to begin. Although you’ve managed to convince Director Cheever with your acting this morning, he dislikes snobbish actors.”

“You’re overthinking it. I just feel that… I might not be able to shoot this afternoon.” Eliza lazily took a bottle of mineral water and sipped on it.

Leanne was stunned. “Why?” Eliza’s exquisite lips curled up.

At this moment, the door of her lounge was kicked open.

Cindy walked in with exasperation. “Eliza, what a scheming woman you are!”

“What are you saying?” Eliza tilted her head with an innocent look.

“Stop pretending!” Cindy roared, “You deliberately dolled yourself up to shoot with me. You outperformed me in every way so that Director Cheever would switch out my role as the female lead. My company has called me back because you’re now the female lead of the movie.”

Leanne gaped and cast a look at Eliza. It finally dawned on her why Eliza said she might not be able to shoot this afternoon.

Eliza smiled faintly. “Was I the one who caused you to act worse than me? Was I the one who caused you to be born with an uglier face than mine?”

“You…” Cindy glowered at her viciously. After a while, she snorted. “Eliza, don’t think that you can rise to the top just because you’re the female lead now. Let me tell you that I’m going to marry Chester, the man who dominates half of the entertainment industry. No matter how high you climb, I can destroy you anytime. I’ll keep today’s incident in mind. Since you made a move on me, I’ll make you regret it.”

“Haven’t you already kept it in mind since this morning’s incident?”

Eliza’s eyes turned grim. “You deliberately asked them to place me in a hotel at a remote place and get me a shabby car to make me late. You also bribed the crew from the production and costume departments. Even my lounge was worse than the third supporting actress’ lounge. Cindy, you’re so skilled at being a bully even before you marry into the Jewell family.”

“Well, you deserve all this, ” Cindy said coldly, “I’ve never seen such a shameless person like you who seduces someone else’s fiancé.”

“You sound as if you have a sense of shame.”

Eliza remained on the chair without bothering to get up. Although she had to lift her head to look at Cindy, she still displayed a strong aura. “At least I gained a foothold in the entertainment industry with my acting. What about you? As a singer, you plagiarized your former best friend’s works. As an actress, could you have won the award if Chester hadn’t pulled some strings? To be honest, why do you want to be an actress? You might as well serve Chester well on the bed. Perhaps he’ll be able to buy you the best actress award next year.”

Leanne quaked in her boots as she gazed at Eliza’s frosty expression.

How audacious of Eliza to have a row with Cindy.

“Well done, Eliza. I’ll remember every word you said and let Chester know about it. With that, your acting career will end here.” Cindy turned around while trembling. Having trained herself to be calm and sensible for years, she did not a****k Eliza in the end.

She just kicked the door of the lounge violently when she left.