Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1466

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1466 – Director Cheever left as soon as he finished speaking.

Eliza followed suit.

Everyone gazed at her silhouette incredulously. They could not believe that someone could actually pass on their first try when filming with Director Cheever.

Moreover, Eliza was not nervous at all when shooting with Norman, the best actor. Her acting was even comparable to his, causing the female lead, Cindy, to pale into insignificance.

Cindy, who was being supported by her assistant, was inwardly seething. She did not expect Eliza to be able to act so brilliantly.

She had to kick Eliza out, or Eliza would outperform her once the movie was released.

Something seemed to hit Cindy.

She darted a glance at the gazebo, only to realize that Chester had left without her knowledge.

She sighed in annoyance. Chester must have witnessed what had happened just now.

After Chester got into the car, the chauffeur asked, “ Young Master Jewell, are you going back to Canberra?”

“Not yet. Let’s find a place to have lunch. ” Chester closed his eyes.

The chauffeur dropped him off at a restaurant. Just when Chester finished his meal, he received a call from Shedrick. “What are you doing?”

“I’m eating. What’s the matter?” Chester asked nonchalantly.

“Director Cheever called me just now, ” Shedrick said while feeling torn, “He asked if he can make Eliza the female lead. He said as long as we agree, he’ll personally make a movie for Felix Media next year and it’ll be up to us to decide the cast.”

Chester raised his brows but grasped the message in no time.

If he were Director Cheever, he would do the same too.

Eliza had proven that she could act extremely evil no matter how beautiful she was.

If she continued to act in the movie, Cindy would not only lose to her in terms of acting but also beauty.

After the movie was released, people would surely lash out at the female lead, which was an outcome far from what Director Cheever expected.

In this case, Eliza must be replaced. However, given that Director Cheever appreciated talented actors, he would definitely not be able to bring himself to do that.

As such, Director Cheever had no choice but to find a way to switch Cindy out.

Shedrick gave a light cough. “Director Cheever said that if Eliza plays the female lead in the movie, the movie will certainly be nominated for an international award. He’s willing to make a new movie that suits Cindy next year.”

“Cindy is my fiancée. Plus, the shooting has begun. Switching her out just like that will make me look so bad,” Chester said franHy. As much as he

resented Cindy, she would affect his dignity.

“But even if she stays… Eliza will still outdo her. ” Shedrick coughed lightly before he continued, “ Director Cheever said he’ll carry on with the

shooting. When Cindy is switched from the female lead to the supporting actress, the public will leave some nasty comments. Even so, that’s not something he can control.”

“Do you believe so?” Chester’s elegant and handsome face gave nothing away.

“Director Cheever said you were there this morning too.”

Shedrick whispered, “Just announce to the public that Cindy is suddenly unavailable as she’s getting married soon. Since she wants to be on camera, we’ll let her attend a few variety shows. Come to think of it, if Eliza shoots to fame, she’ll become the company’s milch c*w. I didn’t expect this woman to perform so well when we signed a contract with her. Tsk. She was average several years ago, but after she broke up, her acting skills have improved significantly.”

“Her acting skills improved significantly due to the breakup?” Chester curled his lips as he recalled Eliza’s gaze that was filled with resentment, despair, and misery just now.

Was it because she had experienced that kind of pain?

Was she that concerned about Monte?