Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1465

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1465 – “You’re crazy. You must’ve spiked the drink, right? I won’t drink it.” Cindy began to scream. “Daphne, we used to be friends. Have you forgotten our promise to fly high together…”

“Yeah, but I’ll €y high on my own. I’m really sick of you. Whenever we’re together, you’re forever the one in the limelight. All he thinks about and sees is you.” Eliza made this statement coolly throughout, but her eyes revealed wickedness and cruelty. “Go to h**l, Sister.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she squeezed Cindy’s chin forcefully.

Director Cheever watched the scene from the camera. Despite looking pretty and clean, Eliza was able to portray the ferocity, insanity, and wickedness of the character superbly.

Eliza had not screamed or deliberately widened her eyes.

It felt like… it was in her nature to be so evil. Compared to Eliza, Cindy’s expression was…

relatively exaggerated and unnatural.

She could not express her fear and frustration well so she had to resort to shrieking and goggling.

Needless to say, Eliza beat Cindy hands down in acting.

“Norman, join the scene.” Director Cheever turned around and called for the male lead.

Norman was stunned. “I’m supposed to appear in the sixth scene. Should I join now?”

“I want to see what Eliza’s full potential is,” Director Cheever said, “I hope you can continue from her part.”

Norman nodded with a somber expression. He might not be fond of Eliza previously, but he treated all actors with respect. Moreover, he was really impressed by Eliza’s acting.

“Stop.” Norman dashed in when he saw Eliza forcing Cindy to drink the medicine. Filled with disbelief, he roughly dragged Eliza away. “What are you feeding her?”

Eliza’s vicious expression was instantly replaced with an aggrieved and confused look. She acted just like an innocent girl. “I’m feeding her some medicine. She’s very sick.”

In the gazebo.

The second cigarette that Chester smoked had finished burning without him realizing it.

He took a light breath and produced a masculine nasal voice.

Indeed, that woman… would take him by surprise time and again.

She actually acted so flawlessly in front of Director Cheever, who aimed for perfection.

In the last scene, Norman personally k****d Eliza. Eliza expressed her feelings of despair and hatred for her lover in such a distinct and organized manner as if she was truly experiencing love, hatred, despair, and d***h herself.

Chester put out the cigarette in his hand before he turned around and left.


Director Cheever made a hand gesture. The scene finally came to an end.

Eliza wiped the tears in the corners of her eyes with a tissue. After that, she walked up to him

Composedly. “Director Cheever, was my performance okey?”

Director Cheever gazed at her seriously. She had just withdrawn from a scene full of conflict, yet she could detach herself from her role so swiftly. Even an experienced actor like Norman needed time to come back to himself.

She was born to make a career out of acting.

Unfortunately, she was not the female lead of this movie. Otherwise…

Director Cheever sighed internally. “You can stay.” Director Cheever nodded and said to the production crew, “Arrange for Eliza to stay in a nearer hotel and get the third supporting actress to exchange lounges with her. Today is just going on from now onward. Don’t treat me like a fool. If anyone does this again, you won’t have to come anymore does this again, you won’t have to come anymore regardless of who got you here. Alright, let’s have lunch.”