Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1464

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1464 – Eliza’s calm, gentle voice sounded.

As she was speaking, Director Cheever’s expression turned grimmer. If Eliza had not personally mentioned this, he would not have known that she had been staying alone in a hotel that was 30 kilometers away. Even the car that she used for traveling was a shabby Ford.

He also just found out that nobody from the production department had informed Eliza of anything regarding the shooting.

“Is everything she said true?” Director Cheever shifted his stern gaze to the production crew.

“How could it be?” Leader Wells from the production department immediately stood up. “ Yesterday, I asked a crew member to text her assistant. Clearly, she came late on purpose. How dare she lay the blame on us? She even said that she doesn’t want to stay with Cindy, that’s why I had to arrange for her to stay farther away. This place is remote, and there are only two good hotels here. ”

“You don’t want to stay with me?” Cindy was astonished. “Why? Is it because… you’re unhappy that I’m the female lead of the movie?”

Eliza could not be bothered to look at her. Considering that she was pursuing a career as an actress, it would be exhausting for her to act in real life as well. “Director Cheever, can we start now?”

At the sight of Eliza’s behavior, Director Cheever furrowed his brows. He honestly felt that she was willful.

He disliked having willful crew members as it was not easy to control them. “Eliza, let me remind you that I’ve only passed two people on their first try so far. Don’t be too full of yourself.”

Eliza smiled. “I have no choice but to prove myself with my ability because I really don’t want to shoot in a makeup style that makes me look ugly and old- fashioned. Having said that, it shouldn’t count if it’s not me who yells ‘cut’.”

“Of course.” Director Cheever nodded and glanced at Cindy after that. “Get ready for the fifth scene.”

Cindy was stunned. “Isn’t that supposed to take place at four o’clock in the afternoon?”

“Let’s make it more difficult for her,” Director Cheever replied nonchalantly.

Cindy was secretly pleased. She remembered that the fifth scene was the hardest of all in the movie. The scene would have the supporting actress force the female lead into a corner and poison her.

The shooting began shortly after.

After ‘action’ was called out, Eliza promptly opened her eyes and got into the mood to act. She held a bowl of medicine in her hand. Despite her pure and clean face, she exuded a sense of creepiness.

“Sister, I came to visit you…” Once Eliza started speaking, her voice sent a chill down everyone’s spine.

“What are you trying to do?” Cindy panicked at the sight of the medicine she was holding.

“Obviously, I’m here to visit you. Since you’re so sick, you need to drink medicine. ” Eliza reached out to Cindy as she approached her.

“Don’t come over.” Cindy shuddered in fear and retreated to the side. “Come on, I guarantee that you’ll no longer be in pain after you finish the medicine.” A mirthless smile spread across Eliza’s face. “You’ll no longer be in pain or jealous. You’ll go to a place where humans can’t live, and it’s relaxing there…”