Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1463

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1463 – The assistant director had made it very clear that the first supporting actress’ beauty had surpassed that of the female lead, which would twist the intended theme of the movie.

Upon hearing his words, Director Cheever became annoyed. “Eliza, if you want a role that allows you to look beautiful and a character that has a distinct personality as well as characteristics, you’re in the wrong set. Since today is the first day of shooting, you can still leave. But… if the crew suffers any losses because of you, you need to compensate us. ”

“Director Cheever, I think it’s Eliza’s first time being involved in blockbuster movies like this, so she might not be clear about some things.”

Cindy promptly came over and explained, “Eliza, just follow the makeup artist’s arrangement. I have a scene that requires me to fall into mud tomorrow. Director Cheever asked me to go b**e-faced and cast my image aside. Actually, Director Cheever is renowned for his filmmaking expertise, so we should believe in him. What’s more, every attempt is a new breakthrough.”

Director Cheever nodded in satisfaction. He did not expect Cindy to be so aware of things. Although she was Young Master Jewell’s fiancée, she did not put on airs. Instead, she was rather cooperative.

“Eliza, I have a tight schedule. Can you stop wasting everyone’s time?” The winner of the best actor award and the male lead of the movie, Norman Judge, was impatient with Eliza, who was merely a popular idol.

With all the criticisms Eliza was receiving, Leanne became exasperated and anxious. When she was about to speak, Eliza cast a look at her while shaking her head. She then said, “Look at my face. Do I have any eyeliner or any other makeup on me? I only applied a little lip balm on my lips and arched my eyebrows so that my style will suit my character in the movie. I even tied up my hair into the most ordinary bun.”

Everyone was stunned. Only then did they realize that her face was b**e without any foundation on it.

Hardly anyone would be bold enough to go barefaced when shooting a movie these days.

However, Eliza looked so pretty without any makeup…

Many of the actresses present were deeply jealous.

Eliza showed her phone screen. “This was what the makeup artist did to me. Frankly, with this makeup, I wonder if I’m playing the first supporting female role or her mom?”

Director Cheever was dumbfounded after catching a glimpse of it. Eliza was naturally beautiful, but that makeup style really made her appear quite old- fashioned.

The makeup artist began to panic. “Director Cheever, didn’t you tell me during the meeting earlier to conceal Eliza’s beauty a little when I applied makeup on her? You wanted me to make her look slightly more ferocious and scheming.”

“Yes. Makeup can highlight one’s ferocity and beauty, but I don’t think this is necessary.”

Eliza’s impassive gaze was filled with confidence. “ I’m called an actress because of my acting. It’s through the eyes that one acts. Director Cheever, I can show you the ferocious and scheming side as you wish.”

“Eliza, don’t be too full of yourself. ” Cindy tried to advise Eliza. “Previously, you’ve always played the female lead who’s beautiful and kind. But now, you’re the first supporting female actress who’ll be cast as a cruel and wicked woman. It’s not that simple.”

“Exactly. ” Norman expressed his dissatisfaction. “ It’s not easy to act in Director Cheever’s movies. Even experienced actors like me only manage to pass on the third or fourth try.”

“I can give it a try.”

Eliza said with a smile, “Coincidentally, both Miss Turner and I will be acting in the next scene.

Director Cheever, if I fail, I’ll leave the set. I’ll compensate however much I’m supposed to. Of course, if I pass, I hope I get to stay in a hotel that’s closer to the set instead of staying alone in a hotel that’s over 30 kilometers away.

“In addition, please arrange a better car for me instead of a shabby Ford that’ll suddenly have its tire punctured when I drive to a remote place. Also, send me important news in advance and not… after I arrive at the set when everyone has already had their hair styled without my knowledge. As for the rest… I’m not going to argue over my lounge, which is smaller than the third supporting actress’.”