Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1460

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1460 – Eliza frowned. She did not know how long he had been standing there. “Young Master Jewell, you’re a t the wrong place. Cindy’s lounge isn’t here.”

“ I didn’t know that you’re quite good at styling, ” Chester had been standing there since she started working on her hair.

He saw her fingers nimbly weaving in and out of the hair at the back of her head as if she had eyes there.

This woman knew where her beauty was. It was a very simple hairstyle, but it was enough to emphasize her exquisite and refined face. He did not know a woman in a costume could look so beautiful.

“ I can’t help it. Someone bribed the stylist and is deliberately working against me, so I have to fend for myself, ” Eliza said indifferently, as if she was talking about a matter that was inconsequential to her.

“Are you saying that Cindy did it?” Chester looked a t her, his dark eyes showing a slight sneer. “Are you complaining to me?”

Eliza frowned.

She could not figure out what Chester meant by that. Was he condemning her for talking about Cindy?

Or was he reminding her that Cindy was his woman, and she had no right to talk about Cindy?

“Whatever you think it is. In any case, I can handle myself. ” Eliza stood up and said, “Young Master Jewell, could you leave? I want to close the door and change my clothes.”

“Are you angry because I didn’t help you?” Not only did Chester not intend to leave, but he also braced himself against the door and his thin lips curled in rumination.

“No. I wouldn’t dare get angry at someone with your status, ” Eliza answered calmly.

“That means you want to be angry, but you’re suppressing it, ” Chester looked down at her dark and calm eyes.

Similar. Too similar. It was just like the woman he personally sent to p****n.

Eliza was speechless, not understanding what he was pestering her for. “Young Master Jewell, what exactly do you want?”

She was very busy and did not have time to waste on him.

Chester leaned against the door lazily. “Your lounge is very small.”

Eliza pursed her lips. “The crew arranged it.”

“Eliza Robbins…” Chester’s voice lowered, and his eyes darkened slightly. “ I can give you a chance. A chance for you to be someone who stands above others.”

After all, Charity was d**d, and Charity’s family was no more. Her only friends were Freya and Catherine, but he could not give anything to those two. Only Eliza…

Although he hated her disorderly past, she was Charity’s only friend. Even after she died, she passed on her dream to Eliza.

Eliza froze and remembered how Chester forcefully kissed her last time, and instantly seemed to understand something.

Her disgust towards Chester reached its peak at that moment.

“I appreciate your kindness, but I have no interest in pestering a man who is about to get married, ” Eliza said as she looked directly at him.

Chester raised his brows, knowing perfectly well that she misunderstood.

However, even if she misunderstood, he had thrown out a topic that excited all the women in the entertainment industry. Yet, she refused it.

Was she still attached to Monte Patterson? For some reason, a sudden rage welled up.