Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1458

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1458 – Director Cheever looked at her and snorted coldly. “ Miss Robbins, you’re finally here. We’ve been waiting for you for half an hour.”

“I’m sorry, Director Cheever.”

Eliza’s heart sank. Yesterday, Director Cheever still communicated with her over the phone pleasantly. “I didn’t mean to…”

“Eliza, be mindful next time and don’t be late again. ” Cindy hurriedly took Chester’s hand and said, “ Look, Chester came here to see me and he

arrived earlier than you. And why haven’t you put o n your makeup yet?”

Eliza froze. “I…”

“Enough dawdling. Hurry up and put on your makeup and get changed. Your scene will have to be moved to the afternoon.” Director Cheever stormed off without waiting for her to finish.

“Eliza, hurry up and go. The director is really angry,” Cindy urged her.

Eliza glanced at Cindy and Chester. Her mood was already sullen, but when she saw these two people, she felt even more annoyed and simply left.

“Stop…” Chester’s deep voice suddenly stopped

her. “You saw your boss but didn’t even greet him. Is this how Shedrick trains his artistes? Do I… have to hire someone to teach you proper manners and etiquette?”

Eliza closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She turned around and smiled apologetically. “Sorry, Young Master Jewell, I forgot to greet you because I was in a hurry to do my makeup. Please forgive me.”

Chester looked at her flushed face and said indifferently, “I don’t want you to see you late again, and I hope you won’t discredit Felix Media and me.”

“I’m sorry, Young Master Jewell. This won’t happen again,” Eliza apologized and turned to leave.

Cindy looked up at Chester. When she saw him staring at Eliza’s back thoughtfully, she gritted her teeth and forced a smile. “Chester, it’s so sunny here. Let’s go over there and rest. I’ll try to finish filming early and then we can have dinner together.”

“I’m afraid that eating with you will affect my appetite,” Chester turned away expressionlessly.

Cindy’s expression twitched slightly, but she forced it down and smiled awkwardly, “Didn’t you come here for me today?”

“For you?” Chester smiled thinly. “Haven’t I made myself clear regarding our relationship?”

“Then… Are you here for Eliza?” Cindy asked in a low voice. “You forgot what I told you about Monte Patterson and her before…”

“Cindy Turner…” Chester looked back at her ruthlessly, “Don’t act like you were completely untainted before meeting me. I know very well that you went to the hospital to restore your hymen.

You’re no different from her. If I were you, I’d be too ashamed to talk about others.”

Cindy’s eyes filled with panic followed by embarrassment. “That’s not what I meant… I’m just worried that you’ll provoke Monte…”

“Do you think I’m no match for Monte?” Chester narrowed his eyes coldly.

“Of course not…” Cindy was at a loss.

“If you don’t know how to talk, then shut your mouth. Even if I want to play around with women, it’s none of your business. Besides, I don’t have

those kinds of thoughts for Eliza. If you directed your schemes towards filming, your acting skills wouldn’t be so bad, ” Chester said and strode away with his long legs, disappearing from Cindy’s sight.

Cindy forced herself to hold back from crying in anger.

Chester was increasingly disrespectful to her with his words. It was like he was made of arsenic.

“Cindy, you’re so blessed. It’s your first day filming and Young Master Jewell came here to see you, ” The third supporting female lead ran over to curry favor with her.