Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1452

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1452 – Shaun’s eyebrows furrowed.

Seeing the atmosphere going downhill, Catherine hurriedly said, “Okay, okay. Matthew Costner, have you finished eating? We…”

“I’m not done eating,” Matthew picked up his fork again.

Catherine’s words of ‘We’ll go first’ d*****d in her mouth.

“Your last name is Costner?” Shaun’s eyes flashed. “What country are you from?”

“Why are you asking that?” Matthew picked up a piece of beef.

“Are you from the Costner family in Neah Bay?” Shaun narrowed his eyes.

“What Neah Bay? What Costner family?” Matthew looked confused. “I’m from Country L.”

Shaun was silent for a moment, but his exquisite eyes looked carefully at Matthew. He realized that between Matthew and Catherine, although one was a mixed-race man and the other was a beauty, and they were two different faces, when put together, they seemed to look slightly alike.

“What are you looking at?” Catherine asked curiously.

“Are you looking at how handsome I am?” Although Matthew revealed a playful face, his heart sank.

He felt that Shaun might have noticed something.

“It’s nothing. Babe, I’m hungry, ” Shaun turned to Catherine. “I haven’t eaten dinner.”

“Then let’s order more dishes, ” Catherine added a few more dishes. However, because Shaun had a bad stomach, she put them all in the non-spicy mushroom soup pot.

Matthew was surprised. “You live here yet you can’t eat spicy food?”

“The country is very big, there are many others who eat light food too. There are Australians who don’t eat vegemite either,” Shaun explained casually.

“But is it fun for you to eat together like this? One eats spicy food but the other doesn’t,” Matthew grinned.

Shaun frowned, but Catherine took the opportunity to answer first. “Actually, I usually eat light food too. It’s fine to eat spicy food occasionally, but it’s not good for the stomach to eat it often.”

Shaun smirked and turned to press a k**s on Catherine’s face.

“What are you doing?” Catherine was a little embarrassed at how intimate he was when there was someone else around.

“I just can’t help but k**s you, ” Shaun smiled with charming eyes. “Babe, I want to eat the prawn.”

“Don’t you have hands?” Catherine rolled her eyes at him.

Shaun sighed bitterly. “Babe, you lied to me just now and I haven’t even got over that yet…”

“Fine, I’ll get it for you, ” Catherine straightened up immediately to get him a prawn.

Shaun peeled off the shells of the flavorful fresh prawn and fed it to Catherine occasionally.

Matthew sat opposite them and suddenly felt like he was a third-wheel.

At home, he had to watch as Sheryl and Titus shower each other with affection. When he was out,

he had to watch Catherine and Shaun do the same thing.

Really. Was Shaun not supposed to be the richest man in the country?

It was said that he fell from grace a few months ago, but these days, he rose to power again along with Hill Corporation. Unexpectedly, he was so childish when interacting with women.

After eating, Matthew was ready to pay the bill, but Shaun was a step quicker. “My woman invited you to the meal. Of course I can’t let the guest pay the bill.”

Matthew smiled and let him do as he pleased.

After paying the bill, Shaun grabbed Catherine and said, “Babe, let’s go shopping. It’s been a long time since I accompanied you shopping.”

Catherine knew what he was thinking and could only say to Matthew helplessly, “Sorry. We’ll go now.”