Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1449

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1449 – “ I’m on the way back to the villa. What about you? Are you with the children?” Shaun’s hoarse voice came through from the other end.

“I’m out eating fondue with a friend. ” Catherine rubbed her nose.

“Who?” Shaun asked overbearingly, “Freya?”

“No, a colleague in the company. You go and accompany the children. I’ll go back once I’m done.” Catherine nodded vaguely. She did not mean to lie. Shaun’s jealousy was just too strong.

“What colleague? Male or female?”

“Shaun Hill, are you done?” Catherine pretended to be angry and said, “Why are you asking so much? Don’t you trust me?”

“Is it that difficult to answer my question of whether it’s a guy or girl?” Shaun asked coldly.

“So what if it’s a guy? It’s none of your business. I’m just eating with a friend.” Catherine hung up the phone without a second thought.

Opposite her, Matthew looked at her playfully. “I’m your colleague?”

Catherine explained awkwardly, “I can’t help it. If my boyfriend finds out that I’m eating with a handsome hunk who’s younger than him, he’ll definitely get jealous. He’s a very domineering person.”

“Then… Have you eaten with other young and handsome hunks before? ” A dim light flashed in Matthew’s deep eyes.

“No, ” Catherine told the truth. “I don’t have many guy friends. You’re the first. I feel… a sense of familiarity with you. If I had a younger brother, he’d probably be like you.”

Matthew froze.

Catherine smiled. “ I don’t have a younger brother, so don’t misunderstand. My parents only gave birth to me.”

“Your parents didn’t have another child?” Matthew asked deliberately.

Catherine shook her head, not wanting to answer this question. “Let’s order. You’re the guest, so you go ahead.”

“I don’t know much about the food here. Why don’t you order instead?” Matthew shook his head.

Catherine did not insist and only ordered a few dishes she thought were delicious.

Unexpectedly, Mathew said that besides the strong taste, it was very delicious. “I didn’t expect black pudding and foie gras to be so delicious. We never eat this overseas. You people have very peculiar food.”

“Although it’s peculiar, it’s delicious.”

Catherine found that Matthew’s and her preferences in food were very similar.

She liked beef a lot, and so did Matthew. She liked portobello mushrooms, which Matthew also liked.

This resulted in them ordering everything in twos.

“By the way, Matthew, are you going to settle in Canberra? What are you going to do here?” Catherine asked casually after the meal was almost over.

“I plan to open a bank…”

“Ahem. ” Catherine almost choked to d***h from the mutton slices.

When she looked up, her eyes were hazy, and her lips were slightly red and swollen. She looked as cute as she could be.

Matthew’s eyes darkened slightly, and he smiled naturally. “Is it that weird to open a bank? My family has opened many banks overseas.”

“No wonder…” Catherine murmured. No wonder he could spend several hundreds of thousands without batting an eye. “But you’re still so young. Opening a bank is too…”