Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1447

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1447 – “Yeah. I didn’t buy any clothes when I came to Canberra, so I thought about buying a few.” Matthew’s blue eyes exuded a charming smile. “We met just in time. Would you mind if I consult you?”

Catherine was just about to speak when the clerk came over with a brown suit. “Miss Jones, is this the suit you were talking about?”

“Uh… Yes. ” Catherine nodded. “ Can you help me get one with a bigger size?”

“Of course.” The clerk turned and went to change it. Before she left, she secretly sized Matthew up.

“Why did she call you Miss Jones?” Matthew blinked in confusion. “Isn’t your last name Yule?”

“Sorry, my last name is actually Jones. ” Catherine smiled helplessly. “My name is Catherine Jones. ”

“Carrie… No, Catherine. You’ve gone too far. I told you my real name and thought of you as a friend, but you gave me a fake name.” Matthew had a bitter look on his handsome face.

If it were anyone else, Catherine would not bother to explain herself. However, Matthew was different. The familiar and amiable feeling she got from him made her not want to see him angry. “ I’m sorry. It’s because I’m somewhat considered a public figure, and my reputation isn’t that good. When we met in Melbourne, I thought our paths crossed coincidentally and that we wouldn’t meet again.

That was why I made up a fake name.”

“A public figure?” Matthew blinked. “Are you a celebrity? An artiste?”

“No.” Catherine shook her head. “It’s more like… somewhat of an online celebrity.”

“Oh.” A vague look of understanding flashed in Mathew’s eyes. “In any case, I guess this can be considered as us getting reacquainted. You live in Canberra, right? I’ll also settle down here in the future. This is great. You’re my first friend in Canberra. I’m very glad to meet you again.”

He extended his right hand like a gentleman. Catherine shook his hand.

The shop attendant came over with a new suit, and Catherine said, “Help me wrap this up. Also, give me a set of the same size for the army green suit over there.”

“Are you buying clothes for your husband?”

Matthew hid the sourness in his heart and asked her.

Catherine pursed her lips and said honestly, “ Strictly speaking, he’s my ex-husband and my current boyfriend.”

“But didn’t your friend back then say that you were married?”

“I am, but my husband and I share no feelings. Also, he deceived me into marrying him. We’ve been living separately for a long time and want to get divorced. We’ll have to go through the legal process soon. ” Catherine smiled helplessly when she saw the stunned look in his eyes. “ Sorry, I may have scared you. My love life is actually very messy. I’ve gotten back together with my ex-husband, and we have two children together.”

“I didn’t expect… you’d have two marriages at such a young age.” Matthew said emotionally, “Since you’re divorced, it must be because you don’t get along well. Yet, why did you get back together with him? Is it because of the children?”

“That’s half-right. The children are one of the reasons, but another reason is that I still love him.” Catherine admitted it openly.

Matthew froze for a moment, a complicated feeling spreading in the depths of his heart.

After a pause, he said, “ It’s a little unexpected, but it’s fine. I grew up abroad, so I’m relatively open- minded. As long as you like him, it’s fine.”

“Thank you. ” Catherine was a little surprised. The average person would not be able to accept it.

In any case, Matthew’s words made her very happy.

“You have a good eye. Why don’t you… help me pick out some clothes?” Matthew’s long and slender fingers traced on the brand-new clothes.

“You’re handsome. You’ll look good in anything.” Catherine sized him up and finally picked out a few brightly colored clothes.

“You want me to wear this kind of… orange clothes?” The corners of Matthew’s mouth twitched. He had never worn such brightly colored clothes before.