Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1446

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1446 – Catherine was stunned for a moment. When she understood his meaning, she blushed and pinched his waist fiercely. “You p*****t.”

“Ouch. It hurts. I’ll stop teasing you.” Shaun quickly pressed her into his arms and kissed her little ear. “I’ll tell you some news. I’ve already appointed Elle as the new master of Liona. In the future, you can tell Elle to handle any task you have. After all, Logan and Austin are both injured, and they won’t recover in a short time. I think… Rebecca already knows of your left and right arm. That was why she hurt them as soon as she came back.”

Catherine was deeply touched by his arrangement. Logan and Austin’s injuries troubled her, so Shaun’s actions were a solution to her most pressing issue. “ I never thought Elle would be the master of Liona. She’s still young, and she’s also a woman…”

“So what if she’s a woman? Don’t underestimate women. You’re a woman, but you’re much smarter and more rational than me.” Shaun kissed her cheek. “Elle is young, but her advantage is that she’s loyal to you.”

Catherine looked startled. “Didn’t you prohibit Yael from being too loyal to Sarah?”

“Sarah is Sarah, and you are you. You gave birth to my children, and you were willing to forgive me. I’m more than happy to place you in the most important position.” Shaun took out a golden token from the drawer and put it in her hand. “This is Liona’s new command token. With this, you can mobilize all the people in Liona.”

“Why are you giving me this? I don’t want it.” Catherine pushed it away.

“Take it. They’ll listen to me even without the token. ” Shaun hugged her and said dotingly, “ I’ll expand Liona’s power and give you the same status as me.”

Catherine was touched. She raised her head and took the initiative to k**s his thin lips. “Shaun, let’s carry on like this in the future, okay?”

“Yeah, we will.” Shaun helped her get dressed and carried her out to have breakfast.

Although it was a little cold, the breakfast she made was still delicious.

He finished everything, and Catherine was prepared to leave when she said, “ I’ve taken the kids to the manor. I’m planning to find a new preschool for them in the afternoon.”

“No need. I’ve already found a good preschool for them, which is just at the foot of Sherman Mountain. It’s the royal preschool near the Snow family’s house. The preschool is where all the country’s political bigwigs send their children to. It’s armed with a police corps and special forces, so the children will be absolutely safe.”

Catherine was stunned. She had heard of that preschool before. “ It isn’t a place you can send the kids to just because you have money, right?”

“I asked Ryan for help,” Shaun said.

“Well, that’s good. If they go there, I won’t have to worry about Rebecca going after the kids.”

In the morning, after Catherine sent the two children to the manor, she went to the hospital to visit Lea.

After leaving the hospital, she went to a nearby supermarket.

It seemed that a lot of new items had to be bought for the new place.

She first bought some toys and pajamas for the kids and then went to the men’s clothing section on the fourth floor.

“Could you fetch the suit from the model at the window for me to take a look, please?”

Catherine had just finished speaking when a surprised voice sounded behind her. “Carrie.”

Catherine turned around as an unruly mixed-race man strode in with large strides. His handsome face, which seemed like it was carved elaborately by the Gods, instantly captured the gaze of all the clerks in the store.

“Matthew, why are you here?” Catherine raised her brows in surprise.

After that supper in Melbourne, she thought it was impossible for her to cross paths with Matthew again.

“I came to Canberra this morning. I didn’t expect I would meet you in the afternoon. This must be fate.” Matthew still spoke with an accent, but it made his voice sound more attractive as a result.

“Yes.” Catherine did not expect this either. “Are you here to buy some clothes too?”