Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1439

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1439 – Catherine had told Chester about that before.

He did believe it to a certain extent. However, deep down in his heart, he refused to accept that truth.

The reason being once he accepted it, it meant that he was the one who personally found a lawyer to send Charity to j**l and sentenced her.

He would be the one who contributed to the cause of Charity’s d***h too.

Chester would rather think of Charity as a despicable, bad woman, and that she had only herself to blame.

She deserved it even if she died.

However, the perpetrator had now admitted it himself.

Ha, Chester was wrong. He made a grave mistake.

“Why did Mason shift the blame to Charity then? Was he close to her? ” After a long while, Chester asked hoarsely.

“Charity… Frankly speaking, she’s a sacrifice.”

Shaun said uncomfortably, “Because those days, Charity, Cathy, and Freya were close, and we despised Charity because of Sarah. Mason thought if he pushed the blame onto Charity at that time, it would cause a rift in my relationship with Cathy.

“Cathy would firmly believe that Charity was innocent, while we would think that she was taking Charity’s side. It truly happened that way. My relationship with Cathy started deteriorating from that time onward, and even you started having opinions toward Cathy. To make it worse, Rebbeca drugged me, which made my illness more severe. ”

“Mason… He really schemed everything so cruelly.” Chester looked outside the window. There was a bottomless coldness in his eyes.

He admitted that he was ruthless, but he would never set up innocent people.

“That’s right. If only I believed in Cathy back then. She said she had done a DNA test between Rebecca and Jeffery, but I didn’t believe her. ” Shaun’s lips lifted in a self-deprecating smile. “Charity’s d***h indirectly caused Jennifer and Boris’ deaths. Since everyone in the Neeson family is d**d, there’s nowhere I can atone for my sins. I can’t possibly help Thomas and Sarah, right?”

Chester remained silent. Beneath his short hair, his dark gaze was downcast. No one knew what he was thinking.

At first glance, people would think that he was indifferent.

However, Shaun knew that Chester was not that kind of person. Chester was a person who hid things deeper than him.

“ I’m leaving.” Shaun patted Chester’s shoulders before turning around to leave.

“Will you tell Catherine about this?” Chester suddenly asked.

“…I won’t. Maybe it’s because I’m too selfish. I’m afraid knowing about it will make her more remorseful and upset over Charity’s matter. I want to be with Catherine. After all, we’ve finally

managed to make up. I’m scared that the rift from the past will reappear.”

Shaun left after he spoke.

Chester stood in front of the full-length windows alone for a long time.

The trial that sent Charity to j**l kept replaying in his mind like a slow movie.

That day, she repeatedly said she was wrongly accused and that she was innocent.

He did not believe her and looked at her as if he was looking at a cruel m******r.

When all the yelling made her hopeless, her cool, slightly reddened eyes became lifeless and dim.