Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1432

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1432 – Brennan clenched his fists. “Mason, you can leave. ”

Lea was stunned. She widened her eyes and looked toward him. “No…”

“You’re Shaun’s biological mother. I can’t possibly let you d*e.” Brennan waved his hand. After he made eye contact with the police, the police moved aside.

Just like that, Mason slowly left while holding Lea. Afterward, he got in the car with two kidnappers who were still alive.

“President Campos, what do we do now?” The kidnapper, who was driving, shouted angrily.

“My money and card are at the villa. Send me back there to get them, ” Mason said through gritted teeth.

“You really love money as if it’s your life, ” Lea said sarcastically.

“What the f*ck do you know?” Mason slapped her across the face. “If there’s no money, I can’t go anywhere.”

Lea almost fainted from getting hit. However, she clenched her jaw and withstood it.

The car sped toward Mason’s hidden villa.

After Mason took Lea down from the car, Chance, who was standing guard at the villa, immediately came over. “Director Campos, what… what happened to you?”

“Chance, I’ll give you 500 million dollars to help me escape from here.” Mason knew Chance had exceptional fighting skills. That was also the reason why he spent a lot of effort to headhunt him.

With Chance’s skills, Mason believed that escaping would be much easier as long as Chance helped.

Chance’s eyes trembled. “But… My wife and children are here…”

“As long as you protect me while I escape, you can still come back afterward. Chance, you’re my subordinate. You and I are on the same boat. If I get caught, you’ll go to j**l too, ” Mason warned.

“…Okay.” Chance clenched his fists.

“Keep a close eye on her. I’m going upstairs to get some stuff.” Mason handed Lea to the kidnappers and quicky went upstairs.

“F*ck, this old thing. He’s still wary of us even when trouble is upon us.” Bank snorted.

“He has no choice. He must be afraid that I’ll take all the treasures he’s hiding. ” Another kidnapper snickered.

“Brothers, what exactly happened?” Chance asked. “The police suddenly…”

Before Bank finished his sentence, his chest was suddenly stabbed with a knife.

Another kidnapper at the side widened his eyes as he looked toward Chance. Then, he lowered his head to see a knife in his chest too. He opened his mouth.

However, before he could say anything, Chance knocked him out.

“Quick… Go and catch Mason,” Lea reminded hastily.

“There’s no need to worry. Young Master Hill is already upstairs. Let me send you to the hospital. ”

Chance carried Lea and walked out of the villa. Right at that moment, the ambulance arrived and transported Lea to the hospital.


Mason was frantically packing the treasures in his safe.

Suddenly, footsteps rang behind him.

“Why did you guys come up… ” Mason turned his head back. Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Shaun, who had come up from behind, choking him.

“Help… ” Mason reacted quickly and immediately started yelling. Shaun simply watched in amusement as Mason shouted for help. Only when Mason’s throat was hoarse from yelling did Shaun grin mockingly. “Do you think your men will save you? Chance has already dealt with the people downstairs.”