Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1428

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1428 – “What are you guys doing?” Lea suddenly got agitated. She started thrashing around on the floor with all her might.

“ Shut up and be quiet.” Bank kicked Lea. “We sent pictures to your son. If he still wants you alive, he must do as we say. If not, we’ll k**l you.”

“It must be Mason. It’s him who wants to use me to threaten Shaun, right? He can dream on. All he knows is to use such despicable methods every single time. Hill Corporation has finally managed to rise again, so he can forget about using me to threaten the Hill family. Even if I d*e, I won’t let him have his way.”

After Lea finished speaking, she gritted her teeth and knocked her head on the ground hard. Soon, blood started to flow out from her head, and she fainted.

“F*ck, ” Bank swore. He immediately contacted Mason.

“A bunch of useless things. You can’t even keep an eye on a woman, ” Mason scolded. “How is her condition right now?”

“She must be treated immediately. Otherwise, she’d d*e, ” Bank said as he looked at the puddle of blood on the floor.

“ I’ll send a doctor over right away. ” Mason flung his phone out of anger.

In the meantime, Shaun received the two pictures of Lea from the kidnappers while rushing to the police station.

Following that, his phone rang. It was obvious that the people on the other side of the phone were using a voice changer.

“Shaun, if you don’t wish for your mom to d*e, give up on launching the new products. At the same time, send the data of the new products over. If not, you’ll be seeing your mom’s corpse tomorrow morning.”

Shaun sneered. “You must be Mason’s men, right? Can’t Mason do anything else besides stealing and snatching other people’s data? Campos Corporation is a top mega-corporation in Australia, yet all they do is illegal stuff.”

“Why do you care who I am? All you need to know is

that if you don’t do as I say, you’ll have to bear the consequences.” The kidnapper laughed sleazily. “Of course, before your mom dies, I can still have fun with her. Playing Young Master Hill’s mother must be quite something.”

“Don’t you dare.” Shaun’s gaze turned ruthless as his fist punched on the steering wheel.

“You can try. But if you saw it in real action, I’m afraid you won’t be able to take it. Haha.” The kidnapper laughed.

“I must give this some thought…”

“You don’t have the right to think about it. ” The kidnapper cut him off abruptly. “I want to see you act before daylight comes.”

Shaun said coldly, “ If I stop the launch, I’ll have to face a huge amount of compensation. Hill Corporation has already lost a huge sum of money before this, so there’s no way I can afford to do it again this time. I cannot agree with your

conditions. If Hill Corporation’s future can be secured in exchange with my mom’s life, then I have no choice but to give her up.”

“ Shaun, are you abandoning your mother just for money?” The kidnapper did not believe his words at all.

“I don’t have such deep feelings for her anyway. You’ll know if you ask around. After she left my dad, started a new family, and established her career, she didn’t even care about me, her son. If it weren’t for my own capabilities, I wouldn’t have

had the chance to inherit Hill Corporation. You guys really used the wrong person to threaten me.”

Shaun hung up after he spoke.

After the call ended, his eyes were bloodshot from anger.

“Eldest Young Master…” Hadley looked toward Shaun worriedly. “There’s news from Chance. Mason didn’t go over, but it seems like he did send a doctor there…”

Shaun’s body jolted.

Although he had installed a tracker, he did not know what was happening there at all.

“Now… What do we do?” Hadley asked.